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An urban legend has been circulating online about a ritual that allegedly takes its participants to the “otherworld”, with some netizens having documented themselves performing the ritual online with some creepy results.


This “Elevator Ritual” as it is commonly known involves taking a lift with no one around, usually at 12 midnight. The building where the ritual takes place would have to be at least 10 stories high and participants would have to ensure that no one else would be taking the lift with them for the duration of the ritual.

The ritual gained prominence online in 2013 following the tragic and mysterious death of a female student, Elisa Lam, at a “haunted” hotel in Los Angeles, Hotel Cecil. The hotel was home to serial killer Jack Unterweger, the site of an unsolved murder in 1964, and was supposedly one of the last places where a dismembered woman was seen before her untimely death in 1947.

According to CCTV footage taken from the hotel’s elevator, Elisa was seen behaving erratically in the lift just hours before she apparently drowned in a water tank in the same hotel. Netizens have speculated that Elisa may have been suffering from hallucinations, or may have been possessed by a spirit after performing the elevator ritual.

If you are still keen on trying the ritual at your own risk, the following instructions were taken from a Reddit user who performed the ritual:


Enter the elevator alone on the first floor
Press the button to go to the fourth floor
Once you’re on the fourth floor, do not exit. Press the button to go to the second floor
Once you’re on the second floor, do not exit. Press the button to go to the sixth floor.
Once you’re on the sixth floor, stay there as well. Press the button to go to the second floor again.
Once you’re on the second floor, do not exit. Press the button to the fifth floor.
When you’re on the fifth floor, two things will happen: either the door just opens without anyone, or a young lady would enter the elevator. No matter what happens, DO NOT look or speak to her. Keep your eyes down.
Press the button to the first floor and ignore the lady if she’s there.
If the elevator goes down to the first floor, walk out of the elevator immediately without looking back or saying anything. You’ve failed—do not say anything as the young lady is still there.
If the elevator goes up to the tenth floor instead, you’ll have reached the Otherworld. When the door opens, you’ll see nothing at all. If you want to enter the Otherworld, just step forward.

The woman will start to ask, “Where are you going?” Do not answer her—just move forward to explore the Otherworld.

To go back to your own world, you simply need to use the same elevator and when you’re on the fifth floor (Step 7), press the first-floor button as much as you can. This will “cancel” the journey to the Otherworld.

The most important thing to note is that you should NEVER ever look or speak to the lady. If you do, she’ll follow you to whatever world you are in.

According to some Reddit users, who claim to have tried the ritual, the experience was especially creepy because some of them have apparently “heard” the sounds of footsteps at the 5th floor, where the lady of the elevator is supposed to enter the lift. One netizen even claims that he heard his own name being called out at that level before passing out and waking up in his own bed.


Would you dare try the most dangerous game in the world?

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