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Ok first of all, let’s normalise calling them insurance agents lol.


I have been seeing an increasing number of acquaintances join the industry and was just wondering as I stalked browsed through their IG profiles – why does everyone seem to be able to “make it” into the MDRT? It almost feels as though the bar is as low as floor.

Tan Xiao Ming who was a weirdo back in secondary school? He made it to the MDRT and just bought a rolex watch.

Lee Xiao Li who couldn’t even conduct a proper speech in class? She made it to the MDRT and now drives a BMW.

Ah right, both Xiao Ming and Xiao Li whom I haven’t spoken to in a trillion years are in my DMs because “let’s catch up!! I’ve missed our times together”. #okcan


Anyway, out of curiosity, my questions are: what exactly is the criteria to qualify for MDRT? Is it something really that prestigious?

Netizens’ comments

  • You don’t have to be “smart” or “rich” to make it into the MDRT or buy any those luxury items. Many FAs just follow a tried and true play book of pretending to well off maintain an illusion to attract others to join their following or buy products from them.
  • my friend just started as a trainee FA (i know… good luck to me) and he told me that in one of their lessons, they were teaching the trainees how to “improve their social appearance” to get more clients. He said they basically force the trainees to buy and start posting branded stuff on their socials to “attract followers” if not they will be kicked from the course. and if they were naturally good looking/ hot asf, then they should flaunt it to achieve as many real followers as possible. Also, the requirements can be as low as just a ‘O’ levels pass “as long as they have a good persona and can talk to people”.
  • On my very first day of work (recent graduate, literally my first job), my FA friend decided to message me “hi are you ready for the insurance talk HAHAHAHA”.
    I was so annoyed I sent him a whole essay. (Feel free to copy and paste with mild editing to send to your FA friend who decides to pester you)

“im not and i think we need to set some expectations here ah hahah
i really dont feel comfortable that i have to keep watching what i say or talking abt work w u cos i dont want to see you as someone that’s just doing business with me/basing our quality of friendship over transactions
plus, i would like to be able to comfortably approach you on my own accord if i ever need financial advice or insurance plans instead of you constantly waiting for me to go to you
as straightforward as this is to u, i really truly want to keep u as a dear friend and that’s it
i can’t do this when i feel like you only wna talk to me when you want something from me. I’m only asking that you respect my boundaries too
This is a line I realised I need to draw and not delay my intentions to not buy insurance from you at the moment. I really hope you understand <insert name>, im not tryna downplay what your hustle is cos i really respect it. cheers man
EDIT: Sorry I didn’t add that he has been bugging me every month asking me when was my starting day, “reminding” me every month to remember to look for him if i need insurance, and that “he wants the best for me”. All these despite me telling him each time that I will only come to him if I really want it
It all just sounds super fake and pretentious.

  • I’ll question if it’s worth keeping a ‘friend’ like this/ if I want someone who doesn’t listen to be in charge of my insurance. He sounds like he would recommend plans based on his commission instead of your needs.
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