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New Scam Technique, Making You Download Spy IOS/Andriod App


non Finance, non loan, non property, non banking, non credit card


Hi all,

I would like to alert everyone that there is a on going new scam. The scammer might approach you via email,sms or calling.

It comes in a few forms.

Lucky Draw – Install To Win

Free Movie Tickets – Install To Receive

Anti Virus Scam – Install To Delete Virus

A bogus company name will be used and the scammer will tell you that after installing this app and spinning the lucky wheel. You will win a huge prize like a car or something.

Fact: After installing the app: You do not see a new icon in your phone. Meaning, a spyware has been installed in the background to monitor every word you type in. So if you happen to go to a bank website like dbs.com.sg and type username and password. The scammer will see the following

24/06/16 0930–> dbs.com.sg–>myusername–>my password. 

Please note that this is not limited to your phones or tablets, computers as well!

This is how it works. Please be careful when an unknown link is send to you to download certain applications. The best way to avoid is be will informed and DONT BE GREEDY!