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No More 2G For Old Phones After 1st April 2017

12593849_10153298690687511_6380697669645822984_oThe Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) has endorsed the solicitation of the versatile system administrators (MNOs) – M1, Singtel Mobile and StarHub Mobile – to close their 2G systems with impact from 1 April 2017.


IDA has required the MNOs to guarantee that current 2G endorsers, both customers and business clients, will travel easily to the 3G systems.

To encourage this move, the MNOs have concurred for their 2G endorsers of proceed with their current portable arrangements at no extra cost after they have moved to the more progressed 3G systems, on the off chance that they pick not to subscribe to new administration arranges. The endorsers ought to, notwithstanding, watch that their cellular telephones can be utilized on the 3G systems. On the off chance that they are utilizing 2G-just cellular telephones, they should change their telephones before 1 April 2017. The MNOs will likewise make accessible minimal effort 3G cell telephone bundles to encourage the movement. Endorsers ought to likewise check with their MNO on whether they have to change their SIM card to a 3G-empowered one.

In supporting the MNOs’ solicitation, IDA contemplated the advancing innovation scene and the relocation of customers to 3G and 4G advances, which offer more administration elements and higher broadband paces. Initially presented in 1994 in Singapore, the 2G systems bolster voice phone calls, SMS and fundamental Internet administrations. 2G pre-and post-paid memberships have been declining relentlessly, from more than 2 million endorsers in June 2011 to around 250,000 supporters today, or around 3% of the versatile memberships in Singapore.

The retirement of the 2G systems will permit more effective utilization of the rare radio recurrence range to give the more progressed 3G and 4G administrations, which will better take care of clients’ demand for rich multi-media content. As of now, all the three MNOs have accomplished 99% across the nation scope for 3G benefits; and have accomplished noteworthy across the nation scope of more than 98% at outside road level for 4G administrations. IDA takes note of that portable administrators in nations like Japan, Korea, Australia and the US have either shut or reported arrangements to close their 2G systems.


IDA will quit tolerating the enrollment of 2G-just portable correspondence hardware from 15 September 2015. Customers are exhorted not to buy 2G-just portable hardware, as 2G administrations won’t be accessible from 1 April 2017. IDA will nearly screen the movement progress.

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