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Monday, July 22, 2024


I decided I’m not gonna take crap from anyone this day onwards


Since BMT, I’ve been fearful of officers & being out in public while in uniform. Becos of that, ppl hv taken advantage of me & gaslighted me as well. Always put me in fear.

After a recent talk back in camp with a officer, I decided that I ain’t gonna take shit from no one. Basically, a LTA from across the building kept calling out to me saying oi oi, ur jockey cap not aligned properly. I dunno what got into me, I called out to him, u from there u can see ah? u eagle ah? from so far u can see ah?

He got shocked by what I said. I didnt care anymore, didnt wait for his reply. I just left him to amuse himself. I was taken aback u know like omg did i rlly just do that?

Before my fellow ASA ORDed, he told me some of the officers in this camp like to flex on ppl & gaslight them. I didnt take his suggestions srsly, but after a couple of instances it happened to me, I was rlly like wtf. So I decided not to take shit from officers in camp.


Those officers who call me out, saying hello hello excuse me i talking to u, Im just gonna ignore them straight & not entertain them. Im not gonna be a puppet anymore. Unless it’s a safety issue or a protocol issue such as entering certain rooms or etc, then I’ll follow their instructions.

But if randomly I get called out in camp for no reason, I’m just gonna ignore them. Carry on with my day and not get my day ruined by some arseholes.

In uniform in public, there were a couple instances where ppl pushed me around. At first I was scared, if I said or resisted, I’d be on facebook or stomp etc. So the first instance was, I was standing in train near the door, where there’s the glass panel & a space for u to stand in.

The train wasn’t that crowded at 2pm, and some old lady bitch, kept sayign excuse me excuse me, so I was like wtf she want sia. I avoided her. But when she started shouting excuse me, I looked at her and I moved. She then went onto take my standing space at the glass panel. Wtf!

Last wk, another such instance. This time returning home from camp in train. Managed to find a seat in a rlly damn crowded train at 6pm. Sat down & watching youtube.


This guy guess in his 60s comes in and stands in front of me. Kept staring at me as if i owe him money. This woman I guess in her late 30s who was sitting beside me, nudged me & told me to give up my seat to the old man. I looked at her and asked her, why dont u give up urs? She didnt say anything at all. I just shut her up. What a hypocrite haiz.

Ppl hv nth btr to do but make u their puppets. Play with u. Im not gonna give them this opportunity anymore.

I realized that standing up for myself, it gave me a lot of confidence. It allowed me to not hate on myself everyday. This world is a dog eat dog world. From this day onwards, Im not gonna take shit from ppl. If ppl push me, Im gonna push back.

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