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Education is just a piece of paper to secure a job, but some people think that their university is much superior.


A graduate posted on an NUS page stating that the other local universities are “cheap labor rejects”.

Here is what the graduate said:

The graduate starting pay from our school is pretty high, however companies only open up very few slots for us. For those with third class honors the situation is aggravated and may not even be able to find a job in our area of study. Now companies rather hire cheap labor from reject universities like SIT , SUTD , SUSS , SIM and retrain them for the job. How to compete against them when these peeps accept 3.5k salaries for the same job.

The post was quickly flamed by other netizens:

  • I think you need to first fix your elitism mindset. How can you label other universities as reject? This is really a poor attitude. Reflect yourself and made yourself a better person first or else u won’t go far in anything you do
  • Hire CHEAP labour from REJECT universities?? Thats damn harsh dude!! Those students still work hard to get into and stay in their universities. Why do u have to be so mean and look down on them?
  • Be kind. Maybe being kind is a good start to your better future. Don’t be arrogant. It’ll bring you to nowhere.
  • so. a student from a reject university got a job and u dont. who is the reject now?if i am an employer, i also employ the so called reject then u. So what if u r frm a top uni but with 0 brains?
  • these kind of elite thinking is what gets you? so what if you are from NUS/NTU/SMU? it’s the same kind of people like you that I rather not hire even if how cheap you willing to accept. IT’S YOUR ATTITUDE.
  • Graduates (fresh out from school) should place emphasis on skills, work ethics and overall characteristics. Thats because you are raw, your work mindset is new and you need to immerse yourself in how the real world works (experience). If your talent shines, you can bet others will look for you and pay you more.By skills, I mean learn how to work with people, how to interact and communicate + build internal relationships. Workplace negotiation may be needed depends on where you are. As a young graduate to start work, you dont have that.So forget the fancy pay – as long as the starting pay is reasonable.Be real. Focus on developing your core competencies first.Focus on honing your work maturity over time and overall approach.On elite universities or those with superb grades – yes, academic headstart but honestly, how you respond, how you think and say matter most. No point hiring an honours grad who dont know how to work and communicate with people.Got the point, young talent?
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