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A lady shared a story of her situation at home where her Mother in Law tries to control every aspect of her husband and her relationship even when they are now married.


Things did not change even after she moved out to live with her husband in their new home and it definitely does not help that her husband consults his Mother about almost everything.

Here is the story

“My husband P and myself were dating for about a year when he misfired and got me pregnant, and him coming from a traditional family, his mother insisted that he should take responsibility and marry me.

Note: I did not like his mother very much as she kind of looks down on my family and myself because they are much wealthier.

During the meeting with my parents, my mother in law already started putting up airs with my family by not even considering the requests put up by my parents and even told my parents not to invite any of their friends and relatives as they ‘don’t have the budget’ to get more tables for more guests.


She insisted that I could only have one table for my family for the banquet and even though I offered to pay, she said no.

My husband, being a mummy’s boy and brought up in a way where he will consult his mother about anything first, went ahead with his mother’s wishes.

Truth is, she just looks down on my family.

Eventually, I just went through the ceremony and try to give in to my Mother in law.

While I moved in to stay with my in laws, she tried to control every aspect of my life, always finding problems with the little things I do.


For example, she insisted that I should not do any form of exercise while I’m pregnant in case i miscarried when all I’m doing was just yoga for pregnant ladies.

She tried to instill all the old wives tales without any scientific proof into my pregnancy, even though whatever that I was going to do is scientifically safe and approved by my gynae.

I eventually gave birth and she still tried to control things like whether I can feed my own milk to my baby (she does not allow it) because she’s scared that I will pass on a hereditary thing that I have to my baby.

I did consult my gynae on whether it is safe to feed my own milk and my gynae said okay as well.

Even when it comes to things like what am I going to name by baby, she also wants to have a say and disagrees with whatever I say/think.

I mean come on man, its my child don’t I have a right to anything?

What’s worst is my husband will always side his mother and ask me to try and give in.

Even when we already have moved out, he will still calls his mother to consult her about everything that we planned.

I’m really getting very tired of this”

Image source: Unsplash.com

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