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A netizen shared how he used to work at a well known Italian restaurant locally, and that their $23 lasagna is actually microwaved.


He then asked the other netizens to shared their interesting part time job stories.

Here is what they said

  • Worked as a cook at a locally well known Italian restaurant, around katong area. Found out their $23 lasagna consisted of putting the damn packaged food in the microwave oven for 7 mins, take out and then serve.

Never went back to work afterwards.

  • Another was part timing at a locally well known fried fish and seafood restaurant, restaurant told me they out of fries, I had to run to another outlet to pick up. Transport wasn’t provided, so I, being a dumb fuck 16 year old decided to take MRT to carry 2 massive bags of frozen fries on the MRT. How I wasn’t questioned, I had no idea.
  • Worked as a waiter in a very well-known Chinese restaurant (a company with wide variety of restaurant concepts).

On my second day at work, was carrying 5 glasses of hot barley drink on a single tray, and slowly made my way to the designated table of customers. Reached the table, was about to one by one place the glasses on the table when my tray tipped over, and all five glasses of hot barley drink fell into a middle-aged lady’s PRADA handbag.

Luckily for me the lady was nice despite her personal items were all ruined. She didn’t make a fuss, and still consoled the traumatised me. The restaurant ended up paying close to a 5-digit compensation, and fortunately I received no scoldings from anyone, nor repay the company any money.


Ended up working there for a good long 20 months.

  • I used to work at IRAS and they mass hire fresh-out of JC kids waiting for uni to begin. I was one such hire. It was during the tax filing period and in my department (forgot which it was), I had to make calls to people to remind them “Ayo file your taxes now. It’s time.” Some of these people were horrible to me.
  • customer service voice “Hi, sir. This is a call to remind you that the tax filing period is ongoing. Please file you taxes between ___ and ___.”

“You better stay on the call now and tell me how to file taxes.”

“Th..that’s.. that’s not my job, sir. I can direct you to the correct helpline to help you with your request.”

“Knn you call me and disturb my sleep (Author’s note: 11am) then you don’t want to help? Call your supervisor.”

trying to diffuse the situation because I was afraid of my supervisor “Alright, I can guide you to the best of my abilities. Please have your laptop ready!”


“You want me to open my laptop so fast? Call me after my nap at 3pm” disconnects before I can say anything

makes the dreaded call at 3pm after spending my entire lunch re-learning how to file taxes

“Hi, sir, are you ready with your laptop?”

“You call already I must be ready is it? Who do you think you are? Why can’t you send me a physical letter to remind me?” goes off on me about how technology is ruining life and how 19-year old me is the reason Singapore is a dystopian nation minutes away from attacks by computers disconnects the line before I can say anything

I remember this affecting the rest of my day so much because I’d never been so disrespected for no reason before.

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