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Pervert Stalker Grab Driver ask Me Go Hotel With Him

grab_driver_ask_passenger_go_hotel_geylang_0<Facebook post by Chang Wing Yan>


Took a GrabCar down from my office to Sims Ave on 11 November late afternoon to buy bathroom accessories for my new house. I was rushing to meet my BF’s brother and my dad at this showroom around Geylang.

The driver attempted to make conversations with me about his kids, of which I politely replied with a one liner on how blessed he is to have filial kids. Then he praised me on my looks and all, which got me quite uncomfortable, but I still smiled politely.

When I alighted to meet my BF’s brother who was waiting by the roadside, he made a passing remark on me meeting guys. I didn’t bother much.

40 minutes later, he made requests for me to go to hotel with him. He was being fking ridiculous and I didn’t reply. I was dressed decently for an interview with a school bag and laptop, I definitely didn’t look like who he was looking for.


And do all girls who visit Geylang are prostitutes? That aside, on what basis can he text and call me on my personal number to make such requests?

And the best thing is, I emailed in to Grab 2 times. I didn’t even ask for refund. I need an apology from this driver. But Grab didn’t bother replying my mail. I called in, the lady read my request, said ‘OMG, I promise my manager will reply’ but no, how many days have it been and I don’t even see an email from them other than useless ads in my mailbox. I was still very polite to the lady cos I know it wasn’t her fault and I just need the driver to apologise for being so ridiculous.

I cannot even put it to words how pissed I am with their service.

And girls please, if you ever book a Grabcar and see the name ‘Chang Pei Tuck’, please do not take!!



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