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Phone Scammer Got Trolled By Singaporean


Recently there has been more and more scam calls that i have to turn on the block unknown number feature on my phone. One user posted this on facebook and decided to prank the scammer!!


Just received call fr9m this number asking for my whole name and Nric saying that they are calling from 999 police station. So I played ard with them since I’m having holiday day mood today.
Caller: hello I’m calling from 999 police station. We need you to provide your full name and identity number for verification.
Me: what is it abt?
Caller: for a very serious offence.
Me: if serious offence you should be doing arresting already. So it’s not serious. My name is Ong HUA HUA
Nric S8817986H (爸爸要去酒吧了)
Caller: thank you for your verification. From our system it had shown that you have a package from USA to Singapore and it contained 200k cash and 2 fake passport.
Me: oh yes is mine. You can keep the passport and send me the cash.
Caller: we can’t release the parcel without you paying the fine.
Me: I’m sorry I can’t do it now cos I’m halfway killing someone.
Caller: but the fine have to be paid before 2pm otherwise you will be jailed.
Me: ok. So clearing the parcel is more important to stop me killing someone?
Caller: this is handled to another department and my department only handle the fake passport and 200k cash.
Me: ok I will go to the police station today and pay the fine and collect my cash.
Caller: you don’t have to come down. You can just transfer the money via bank tranfer
Me: I trying to do Internet banking to you but receiver have to pay administration charged of usd 1000 first then after you paid then the bank will release the fine to you. Can you pay the administration charges first?
Caller: hung up

FB Post By: Cynthia Tay-Lek

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