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Pinoy Breakup With Bangla



At the scene, a large portion of the house keepers were melancholy and some went insane for apprehension that having a bangla beau would get them extradited back to the Philippines. One of the cleaning specialists, Pinoi Bionkbangla bowed down amidst the Orchard street walkway and cried uproariously: “I guarantee I sms separation with my Bangla sweetheart as of now. I am not identified with that Bangla no more. Please gib me a chance, I no need do a reversal Philippines.”

Another local partner Itchi Tuanini was more stoic and looked forward. “I adore my bangla sweetheart, he make me upbeat consistently, yet since my kindred servants say we should separation or lose our employments, I take after their thought. So tragic I can’t see my hunny any longer. Perhaps time to discover China or Indian sweetheart.”

At around 7pm, representative for the Pinoy Maid Association Singapore (PMAS) told ST that very nearly 800 pinoy cleaning specialists have swore to say a final farewell to their Bangla beaus with prompt impact. They trust it is to their greatest advantage to disassociate themselves with Bangladeshi laborers to protect their job status in Singapore and the security of Singapore. The staying 10000 cleaning specialists with bangla bfs will survey their choice at a later date.

Whenever met, Mdm Kia Zheng Hu, a business of a Filipino household specialist shared: “I totally bolster my servant’s choice to say a final farewell to her bangla beau. This is in Singapore’s national security! I will give her a $20 reward for this exceptionally insightful choice.”