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I’m a psychologist, currently doing a PhD in psychology. Psychology has always been my dream and my passion. I did my Bachelor’s and Master’s, internships, and extracurricular activities in Singapore, I always strongly focused on research too. After my PhD, I’m planning to establish a modern clinic back in my home country in China where I left to pursue my studies in Singapore


Back in China my mother is and always has been extremely mean. She would beat me as a child up to the point that I would wet myself, and then she would beat me more for it. She would beat me so hard that my head banged against the wall or floor. She used tools as well, like a wooden cooking ladle. Her reasons were always me not cleaning my room or talking back to her. After I grew up and she couldn’t beat me anymore, she would switch to severe psychological harm. I won’t go too much into it because that’s not the point of this post, but she did horrible things that ruined me as a person, and I’m in therapy to this day. Needless to say, I cut her off and have not spoken to her for quite some time. I can’t forgive her (not that she ever admitted any wrongdoings let alone apologised.

One of the things she loves to do is copying every key decision and passion in my life. As a kid I was in art school as a teen and still sell some work – she enrolled in art school and even went to the same private school that I had, and I quit. Up to this day, she uses one of my paintings as her timeline picture. She even purchased a set of ultra-expensive (fellow artists know) brush pens that I always dreamed to own. She never used them. Two years ago, I successfully lost 17 kg – she took up dieting and failed. My mother is now enrolled in a psychology programme at a private school, aged 60.

She intends to become a psychologist and I’m afraid this time she won’t quit – the issue is that she is not cut out for the job at all and pursues the career under a false profession. She does not do it to help people, she does it to compete with me again. She chose to specialise in child psychology.

Being a child beater, SHE CANNOT DO THE JOB. Not only will she possibly damage her clients, but she will also damage my reputation too, sharing the same name and being my mother. This will cause a horrible reputation for my clinic and will make potential clients think that we operate the same way. I cannot let this happen, I must do something to stop this nonsense.


I’m going to get in touch with my dad to try and stop her. If he can’t help me, I will contact her private school and expose her. In psychology, we have certain things that prohibit people from continuing their studies, because they are not to be trusted to perform the job.

However, I’m writing here, because there’s still a nagging voice in my head that I’m ruining someone’s career after all.

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