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Probation for youngster for underage sex


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Youngster engaging in sexual activities with a “drunk and vulnerable” schoolgirl has been placed on probation by a district judge,The district judge took into account his commendable conduct since starting national service (NS) in January.


Ong Jack Hong was 17 when he was acquainted with  Secondary 2 understudy, then matured 14, at a bar fitting in with her beau’s mom. The young lady was drinking independently from anyone else.

Ong and his companions talked her up and later, he drew nearer her as she exited the can of the bar at Golden Mile Complex. He conveyed her to a stairwell and they had consensual sex behind a shut entryway in December 2014.

Agent Public Prosecutor Eunice Lau contended that Ong ought to have been sentenced to reformative preparing, calling attention to he had exploited a helpless and tanked casualty.

WongPartnership legal advisor Ng Shi Yang, shielding Ong under the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme, said he was just 17 at the season of the offense which happened in the “warmth of energy” and he was not a “sexual stalker”.


He called for Ong, now 18, to be set on post trial supervision. Ong had beforehand experienced probation in 2012 for bringing about underhandedness by flame.

Nonetheless, District Judge Mathew Joseph considered the testimonial of Ong’s officer who commanded that  Mr Ong had tons of potential that the armed force could offer him some assistance with fulfilling. Judge Mathew Joesph noted and the testimonials vindicated a post trial agent’s report that NS “could give the greatly required structure to ingrain teach and straighten out his way of life”.

The post trial agent had evaluated that Ong was roused to enhance his circumstances and exceed expectations in life.

The backing from the armed forces demonstrated to the judge that SAF was ready to guide Ong in his endeavors to pivot his life , the judge wrote in judgment grounds on Monday.

Judge Matheew Joseph sentenced Ong to 24 months’ probation with conditions and 200 hours of group administration.


After facing Jack Honglearnt his lesson from these procedures. Solid backing from Ong’s dad, who is experiencing growth,

This has raise expectations for jack for what’s to come

To guarantee legal oversight and that Ong’s advancement is observed, the judge asked for his case to be examined at the Progress Accountability Court in June, and at further occasional interims as chose by the court. Prosecutors are engaging against the sentence. Ong could have been imprisoned for up to 10 years or fined, or sentenced to both.

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