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Is there anything wrong with being an introvert and not wanting to socialise at work?


Does any of you have a “quiet” member in their team who doesn’t like to attend company events?

I’m an introvert and I enjoy lunching alone. I could use the time to unwind a little, watch dramas on my phone, browse social media.

Most importantly is, my character doesn’t really affect my performance at work.

Probably the downside is, harder to climb up the corporate ladder (I would love to be promoted from an executive to a senior executive given that I’m in the field for 5 years but definitely wouldn’t want to reach the AVP or VP level).


Netizens’ comments

  1. Goodbye to promotion and good grading.
  2. Promotions and opportunities within ur workplace will get affected for sure.
    This is just how the corporate world works, whether ppl here agree or not.
  3. I am that quiet team member. I don’t think there’s anything wrong, as long as it doesn’t affect job performance (I work in a deskbound job). Don’t really care about being promoted as long as my annual pay raises keep pace with inflation – I have no interest in being promoted to a managerial role.
  4. Nothing wrong, but you should still try to be on friendly terms with whoever you work with. It’s not particularly difficult and won’t cost you a lot. I’m an introvert too and I suck at small talk but I’m a goofy person by nature even if I don’t talk much at all and still require “alone time” and I still buy some food stuff for my colleagues from time to time.
    Also, you must be prepared of course that you may possibly lose out on anything related to work performance and promotion but if you’re okay with that, no worries at all. You don’t typically see people in managerial or senior level roles who “just wish to do their job and go home”, it just simply doesn’t work that way.
  5. I’m an introvert and I usually seek out an empty work cafe to have lunch so I won’t bump into people that I know. Even if I see my colleagues, sometimes I pretend not to see them.
    There’s nothing wrong with not socializing. Remote work was a blessing.
    But I do maintain a very good relationship with my manager at work and making sure she knows my work impact and contributions. I also time my big achievements and major delivery around promotion period so it’s fresh on my manager’s mind and I will advocate for my promotion with data.
    I don’t need to socialize much with other colleagues for promotions but I do make sure my manager know my work.
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