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Raffles JC Girl Kena Filmed In Toilet While Peeing. Video Got Leaked


capturePerverts all around Singapore are getting bolder and more desperate. It is shocking to see what these horny men will do to get their thrills. You can tell that something is wrong from the high number of people caught taking upskirt videos this year. Just read the news headlines. But some people continue to say “Oh well, it can’t get worse than this”.

In the latest obscene video that is being shared on tumblr sites and the infamous sex forum, a female Raffles Institution (Junior College) student is shown lifting her pleated green skirt, removing her school PE shorts and peeing in a toilet before wiping herself and putting her clothes back on. She did not wear any panties, making the situation much worse.

Here is the obscene video that has been making rounds: If you want go internet find all this perverts stop all your pervert messages (Editor, please censor the link)

What?! Singaporeans now have a toilet fetish in addition to all the upskirt perverts?!

It is despicable that they resort to planting hidden spy cameras in girls’ toilets and try to film them peeing. In this case, the girl is under 18 and obviously did not give consent for this. She does not even seem aware that there is a video camera pointed at her, recording everything she does in the toilet.

I think women should be more careful when using public toilets, especially those at ulu malls. They should also be wary of unisex toilets and try to control their bladder rather than risk using such a toilet which may have a hidden spy camera somewhere. This is not a joke; it is a serious matter. For instance, the victim in the aforementioned obscene video had her face recorded, along with her private parts. She is an elite student and a potential high flyer if she gets a scholarship. If she were to run for political office someday, her toilet video may resurface and ruin her ambitions. Even if she were to work in the civil service or the private sector, her colleagues may stumble upon her video and that could be the end of her career progression.

The toilet in the video had a sign “Staff Only”, so it is likely that the RJC girl unwittingly stumbled into a trap meant for someone else. Had she not used the dodgy toilet, she would not have fallen victim to the perverts.

The danger of spy cameras in toilets is very real in Singapore. Just because you don’t see a big CCTV in the room or a hand with a camera phone snaking into your cubicle from beyond the gap doesn’t mean that you are safe. Cameras come in many forms and sizes. To be safe, women should avoid unisex toilets and toilets in secluded malls. Low crime does not mean NO crime.

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