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Hi all. Times have been super hard lately, and I hope everyone has been staying safe. (:


To go straight to the point- I’ve been faced with a frustrating problem recently. Staying objective – I will try to keep it as concise as possible lah. But it’s a long story ahead. I can’t seem to get any info online that’s specifically local so this is why I am here.

TLDR/ extended family member has applied for mobile and broadband plans under my name without my authorisation and now I have been served a lawyers notice for unpaid amount of ~5k.

Maybe this is not the right outlet to ask all these but I genuinely don’t know where to go to. If there is- please do feel free to let me know. (:



About myself, I am above 21, work full-time at a decent job. I don’t have a credit card, no loans, any bills I have is under my family’s name and I pay cash to them monthly.

But recently I received a lawyers letter informing me that I owe a significant amount of ~5k to X mobile service provider – which came as a shock as I have never: 1. Applied for anything under them, 2. Did not receive any overdue payment notice previously leading up to the letter.

I called the service provider and found out someone has applied for a few mobile/broadband plans under my name in late 2020. Managed to dig up part of the address the bills were mailed to, and I know (possibly) who this person is.

For context: I have helped this person apply for a student plan under my name in 2016* after my family was incessant on me to help. This person is very close to us (extended family). I went physically with the person to sign the contract so I knew how much was due monthly.

I also passed this person my IC (in 2016, same time as above) to make a photocopy for a re-contract (Yes stupid I know. But my family had asked me to help. Lesson learnt).


All was paid on time and no issue came up until the most recent lawyers letter. Additionally, the initial student plan that I have paid for would’ve ended already.

As the debt is under my name, I am intending to file a report because the plans were made fraudulently – this seems to be the only logical way to go about it to also protect myself.

However my family is against it as they are traditional and stick to “blood is thicker than water” Doing so will definitely harm my family’s relationship with me. But I know I need to put myself first.

Without getting too personal – this person (along with his/her’s family) has put my family in similar situations before (I’ve only found out about this).

I refuse to allow them to continue putting us in financial disarray for any longer. We have been in big debt because of them and I want to them to be accountable.

It’ll be great if anyone else has been in my situation- and know if the police would even consider this because of the first time I have helped. As far as I know I only gave authorisation in 2016* (initially I wrote 2017 but i got my years mixed while typing. Oops.)

If there are any other ways of going about this that I might know of – please do reach out, or if there is anything else I need to check. Filing a civil lawsuit is not within my means for sure. Also I’m worried for my family and I’s safety because people can be unpredictable lah.

Are there also any repercussions on me in the future due to the debt? I try my best to be financially responsible and this is genuinely causing unneeded anxiety and stress. Financial knowledge was never a topic in my family. So I would appreciate any tips I could get.

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