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Release Of Playstation VR(occulus rift)

The playstation VR will be priced at USD$399. That will be about SGD$544.
The playstation VR will be launch in around Oct 2016. Sony Playstation believes that this device will start an entire new stage of gaming. Gaming enthusiasts can’t wait for the release of the new gadget as it brings one step close of playing the game in a virtual reality world.


This will increase the gamers a bigger perspective of in game view. This will allow developers to increase more functions and features for gamers can enjoy.

What Games Will Come With This VR?

There are a few game publishers that are ready to launch games in conjunction with Sony’s VR device. Rather than just typing what games are available you go to this post to view the video. Tekken 7, grand turismo… etc

Video link here–>


Technology and Future Behind VR

But most gamers are expecting future gaming devices to allow the gamers consciousness transferred into the game. Meaning you can be lying in the bed while your brain is in the virtual.


The concept of transferring one’s consciousness into the virtual world is know as “Full Dive”, meaning the user’s brain is fully in the game. Which allow one to be able to move limbs and movements just like a normal human would in the real world.

This concept was made popular by the anime Sword Art Online.  Which gamers use a device known as “Nerve Gear”.

Sword Art Online(SAO) is an action, fantasy, love and game anime. The story started with the main character Kirito who is a gaming enthusiast who was trapped in the game. Meaning his body will die soon without food and can’t leave the virtual world. Soon he met Asuna the love of Kirito in the game, which the story proceed to Asuna being his love in real life.

This title was a big hit and Sword Art Online 2 quickly went into production after the first one ended. But the storyline in Part 2 turn out to be a big disappointment to SAO fans. Slowly the SAO franchise it went into many different platforms of gaming devices.


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