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Ok. I think there are more than enough evidences to prove Adam’s lies and fabrications. I believe people who come across will react appropriately. Hence I will tone down with the evidences from now on.


Yesterday, (16th December 2017), he wasn’t repented at all. Instead of selling drugs, he told the creditors that he would want to commit suicide. And there’s no joke in that.

I called the police to ensure Adam’s safety.
He told one of the creditors that he was at the nursing home at about 6 pm, while actual fact, the police was already outside his home at about 6 pm after I made the phone call.
(So, Adam lied to the creditor that he’s in the nursing home, but he was at home all along)

Adam refused to talk to the police for about 2 hours He told me to relay the message to the police, tell them to go away, and he would go to the station himself. (Not sure whether it’s true or not). After some time, I believe the police left after talking to him, ensuring that he’s okay.

I am really speechless. After publicly warned him, and he knew it, and Adam still attempted to lie and tried to push his luck by “committing suicide”…
“The boy who cried wolf, I hope he learnt his lesson.”


I hope no one gives in to his words of even, “committing suicide”. And I hope Adam learns not to play with “committing suicide”.

I could go on by posting more evidences of what really happen but I guess, I shouldn’t go overboard. I’ve done enough of exposing. The evidences are substantial to prove what extent Adam will deceive.

In any case, just a conclusion on money matters regarding Adam. If you give him money, no one can stop. But beware if he asks for money regarding debts, and medical bills etc. Don’t ever try to loan him any money, even if he promised to pay back after a week. That happened to his creditors, and in the end, he won’t pay back a single cent. And if you don’t have it in black and white, or even with witnesses, your evidences can be voided.

There are suspicions that Adam holds multiple hp lines so that he can fabricate lies. You can tell by the manner he types the messages. He even instructed his creditors to lie to others (like myself) and exaggerate lies so that he could suck more money (out of me), example from 2.9k to 40k. So beware of that.

Anyways, I’m always here if you need verification of Adam’s affairs. Even though I said I wash clean my hands off Adam, I will still monitor his movements. Perhaps it’s a way to redeem myself for not stopping this madness earlier.


My intention is for Adam to go to a place, wheresoever as long he will no longer be able to manipulate the public. If he claims that he is intelligently or mentally challenged, then I hope he will be somewhere with suitable treatments and professionals, That would be the best help for him.

I do not know how long the investigation will last. Whatever it is, let’s pray for the best outcome for Adam. Whatever it is, no one would desire to be in Adam’s position (his current family status). Do forgive him for what he’s done, even though it’s hard.

And in my very own opinion, I won’t drop charges because I have a gut feeling that, this would be best for Adam.

Whatever it is, let’s hope for Adam to turn over a new leaf.
Okay, I’m done being a naggy man. Will update any important details about Adam when the time comes.

Source: FB post by Mahfuz Teo

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