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 I never thought that I would fall victim to a scam, especially one that lasted for six long years. But here I am, sharing my story in hopes of preventing others from going through the same ordeal.


It all started when I met this girl, let’s call her Jane, from a Thai disco aka Siam Diu.

She was from Taiwan and we hit it off immediately. We had common interests and shared the same sense of humour. It felt like we were made for each other.

As our relationship progressed, we decided to make it official and became a long-distance couple. I was living in Singapore at the time, while she was in Taiwan. Despite the distance, we made it work. We would video call every day and message each other constantly.

Everything seemed perfect until Jane started asking for financial help. She told me that she was struggling with her career and needed money to survive. Being the caring boyfriend that I was, I didn’t hesitate to send her the money she needed. After all, I wanted to support her dreams and make her life easier.

But as the months went by, her requests for money became more frequent and for various reasons. She would tell me that her family needed financial assistance or that she had unexpected medical expenses. Being in love and wanting to help her, I didn’t question her reasons and continued to send money every month.


Looking back now, I realize that I was just a naive young man blinded by love. I never once doubted her or thought that she could be using me for money. I genuinely believed that she needed the money and that I was doing the right thing by helping her.

As our relationship progressed, I started to notice some red flags. She would often ask for larger sums of money, and when I couldn’t send it, she would guilt-trip me and make me feel bad for not being able to provide for her. She would also avoid video calls and would only message me, claiming that she was too busy with her studies.

But I was in too deep. I had already invested so much time, effort, and money into this relationship. I couldn’t bring myself to believe that it was all a lie. I was convinced that she loved me and that we had a future together.

It wasn’t until I decided to surprise her with a visit to Taiwan that everything unraveled. I had saved up for months and bought a plane ticket to see her. But when I arrived at her address, I was shocked to find out that she didn’t live there.

The people who lived there had never heard of her, and the address was a fake one that she had given me.


Feeling betrayed and hurt, I confronted her about it. She denied everything and even had the audacity to ask for more money to pay for her “rental fees.” That was the last straw for me. I realized that I had been scammed and that she had been using me like an ATM all this time.

I ended the relationship immediately and cut off all contact with her. It was a painful lesson, but I learned to be more cautious and not to trust blindly. I also reported the incident to the authorities, but unfortunately, there wasn’t much they could do as the scammer was in another country.

Looking back, I can’t believe how foolish I was. But I have also learned to forgive myself and move on. It was a tough lesson, but it has made me wiser and more aware of the dangers of online relationships.

To anyone reading this, my advice is to be cautious and never send money to someone you haven’t met in person. Love should never be about money, and if someone truly loves you, they would never ask for financial help constantly. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Be vigilant and protect yourself from scammers.

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