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Singapore Delivery Man Duplicating Credit Cards At Your Door Step!!



This is from a bank friend of mine about door to door delivery scam, please take a bit of time to read it: This scam is actually very cleverly worked out that you will not suspect of anything wrong.

The accompanying is a record of the episode.

Wednesday a week prior, I had a telephone call from somebody saying that he was from an organization called: “Express Couriers,” He inquired as to whether I would have been home in light of the fact that there was a bundle for me that required a mark .

The guest said that the conveyance would touch base at my home in about 60 minutes. Beyond any doubt enough, around a hour later, a formally dressed conveyance man turned up with a bundle and a jug of wine. I was exceptionally astonished subsequent to there was no uncommon event, and I surely didn’t expect anything like it. Interested, I asked as to who the sender seemed to be.

The dispatch answered, “I don’t have a clue, I’m just conveying the bundle.”

Obviously, he said the sender would need to give you a shock and a card would be sent independently… , it happened that my birthday was headed additionally, so we thought could be from a far off companion. There was additionally a relegation note with the blessing.

He then went ahead to clarify that on the grounds that the blessing contained liquor, there was a $7.50 “conveyance/check charge,” giving proof that he had really conveyed the bundle to a grown-up (of lawful drinking age), and not simply left it on the doorstep where it could be stolen or taken by anybody, particularly a minor.