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Singapore Feminist Group Angry At Netizens “Girls Dress To Get Rape”

skimpymain“Young men will be young men,” they say. In any case, does that give men the privilege to recommend that a lady ought to be assaulted in light of the fact that she dresses a specific way?


For as far back as week, screenshots of Facebook posts indicating two ladies in Singapore wearing tight-fitting shorts and tops have been coursing online and getting unforgiving feedback from online clients.

One individual named Dol Wangga composed: “So whenever a person goes along and attacks or assaults a woman dressed all things considered, don’t accuse the attacker.”

“She was simply entering things-to-do in her telephone today: get assaulted,” said another netizen, Wan Saini.

These and other comparative remarks have rankled some women’s activist gatherings and fuelled them to talk up for the ladies, and additionally bring issues to light about assault culture, that they trust, exists in Singapore.


One such women’s activist gathering is The Local Rebel (TLR). Only five months old, this group of mysterious, intersectional women’s activists champion sexual orientation fairness and societal issues like racial separation.

“There are numerous instances of assault where the casualty is faulted. It is ludicrous. By what method would someone be able to’s absence of apparel give you a reason to be an attacker?”

Amalia (not her genuine name), proofreader of TLR, told AsiaOne.

As per the gathering, assault society is available when attackers accuse their activities for the casualty and not on themselves.

Yearly police insights discharged in 2015 demonstrated that the quantity of shock of humility cases was 1,367 in 2014, up by 3.2 for each penny from 2013, while the quantity of statutory assault cases was 66 in 2014, 15 more than the prior year.


Another gathering, The Malaysian Feminist demonstrated their dissatisfaction by saying: “To everybody looking at dressing unobtrusively, suitably and acceptably, recollect this. The issue is not the way ladies dress. It’s the attackers. Quit concentrating on the garments. Concentrate on the attackers.”

“There is no purpose behind somebody to assault a lady since her appearance is not sufficiently respectable for them,” said Amalia. “This needs to stop.”

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