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Singapore Gangsters On Decline? Ya Right…

In the early 60s singapore gangsters use to have guns fight with police and really fight for their life and pride.


Today, they try to hire naive secondary school kids and offer a false sense of protection to kids. Although fights and gang cheers are still common in discos and clubs. It is rarely seen that the whole group will initiate gang fights. Fights now a days are silly stuff, like a staring incident or an accidental bump in a crowded area.

In this age of time everything is about the internet and social media. Gang members are trying to use new tactics of getting more new “ka kia” by using facebook or twitter to attract naive kids. How can we stop and discourage kids from joining secret societies. I believe the only way is through proper upbringing and a stricter enforcement by our Singapore Police Force. But i don’t think the police are doing enough to stop gang activities. (Singapore Gangs Using Social Media To Recruit)

Where can we see this gangsters?


Like my previous article Another New Casino In Singapore! No Entry Fee!

The underground illegal gambling dens has been there since i cannot remember when. Yet no action is taken against them. The illegal dens are working right under police CCTV. I don’t even know if it’s working anot. This gambling dens are believed to be run by secret societies. Walking through that area you might see 10 over “watchers” and up to 6 tables open for gamble.


Walk one round in geylang, go to crowded disco and you will see and hear gangster singing their “National Anthem”.

Recently there was a anti vice operation in geylang arresting more than 70 prostitutes.78 Prostitutes arrested including a 17 year old and 52 year old

The funny thing is…. to arrest so many prostitutes one can imagine how much manpower is required for this operation? at least 50 police? The gambling dens stretch from lorong 8 to 16. Out of the 50 police none of them saw the crowded “casino”? Let me guess even if they saw it they will say ” today come catch chicken not catch gambling dens”. Eh come on la. If behaviour like that in every industry we are doom. Can you imagine a teacher saying “im here to teach, students sick or die not my problem”. Drivers saying ” i drive my problem la he die his problem la”. Lorry: “HE DIE HIS PROBLEM LA”

So much money is spend on advertising “stop gambling, it destroys family bla bla bla”, yet no action is taken to stop illegal sources of gambling. Budget is set aside for all this campaigns, campaigns to stop gambling but are the relevant agencies doing enough with our hard earned tax money. Is the advertisement for show that the agencies “are doing something”? i don’t know. I want you to be the judge.

This is not a rant, this is not a complain. I am just a simple Singapore author that is requesting fellow Singaporeans to gather that we need to do something about it and to enlighten and not just kpkb everyday.


During my journey as an author in Singapore Uncensored, i can clearly understand and see how one issue links to another in Singapore. Our ah gong Mr Lee Kuan Yew fought for this country to be better and seek good lives for Singapore. We as a Singaporean should also do something about it.  Majulah Singapura.


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