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Friday, August 19, 2022

Singapore Guy Got Accused For Being A Pervert

Dear Singapore Uncensored,


So, one day I saw a video on facebook by Damn Worth It. And decided to give a piece of my blunt thought. (As all my friends would know me as an “uncensored” person)
And this “Social Media” guys decided to respond me in one of the more “Personal” ways. Apparently, they ain’t too professional at handling comments.

Anyway guys “Feel free” to share this post yah. Gam xia!!
So apparently, this Wendy is one of them…and she decides to take it to the next level by claiming bs…calling me a pervert cos she thinks i go around adding girls…and keep i kept adding her…which i swear I did not and I wonder if she is trying to say girls will accept adds from unknown person these days and keep them as friends? wtf…and i had only added her for that 1 bloody time as of the one in the screen shot!
And she oso say im a mini mouse…which i think it is funny…really…so on fb i dun make comment then do what? Call them up or meet them up to speak about my thoughts meh? Crazy…then now she claim that they pay for their own food…but i realizes earlier she mention they are a social media marketing coy…what now become NGO?? wtf…anyways following are the screenshots of the last night convo…thanks
Submitted By Sunny Bear Bear
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