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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Singapore Guy, ” “You Want Sit On Priority Seat? PROVE THAT YOUR ARE GENUINELY PREGNANT”

man-demands-proof-lady-pregnant_0Never thought I’d be the one posting something like this however I need everybody to know!


It’s 10.20pm and I’m en route home from my arrangement on the MRT, circle line. I stroll to a need seat as it was unfilled and I cordially asked this silly prick standing directly before the seat, to reason me, so I can take a seat.

He pointed at the held seating sign and gazed at me wide looked at.. I said yes, I am pregnant. HE ASKED ME FOR PROOF!?!?!?

I said who the hellfire would you say you are to approach me for confirmation? Would you like to see my doctor’s visit expenses? My child’s ultrasound pics??

He answered that I’m not in pregnant wear.


WOW I didn’t know I needed to look pregnant to be qualified for this seat.

He then instructed me to quiets down and take a seat.

I let him know he was insane and that I’m squandering my time notwithstanding conversing with him.

He sticked out his tongue at me and ridiculed that I’m experiencing pre natal anxiety. Angry and Shaking, I shouted at him to F OFF. what’s more, he pointed fake weapons (his fingers) at my face and strolled off.

I’m so happy I took his photo right in his face and he gave me the consent to post it.


no one ought to need to experience what I experienced, that is the reason I’m sharing this.

Battle for your rights individuals!

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