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Singapore man beat girlfriend up after she was late for 20 minutes


This post will be quite a lengthy post, so bear with it guys. Joel Lim, the guy (who is already my ex bf, thankful for that) who beat me up is being arrogant even after a report was done. So here I am, gonna post on facebook and amend my report on mon with my IO at one of the police hq. I shouldnt have back out when the officers wanted to immediate arrest him when I mention he took a knife to slash. Some asked why ii back out from not mentioning this scene, it was bescause I though of him being a single father with a daughter and his mum so I dont want them to be upset, is also equal not to ruin his future (which ii dont care). He knew about it too but still act cunning or two faced. pui !


The assaulted happen on 17.11.2016, after I am back from my own hse after searching for my dad with my sis. I was late for 20min to his hse, which was 10.20pm that ii reached his hse, he send me a msg *clap clap clap* when ii was waiting for lift to his hse. I knew quarrell was going to arise. As expected, his attitude and tone was buay song. Started asking me alot of his insecure and sensitive questions from his mouth again, ever since we are together. I told him I was tired dont wanna quarrell, so I lie down on bed, but he keep wake me, ask, and ljw me, so I talk back sarcastic way.

He not happy and pekchek so he drag and pull me up from bed which my arm was resting on my eyes. the 1ST PUNCH COME ~ I push him away and give a punch back. HERE HE GOES~~ come chiong against me, keep giving few blows on my face and bang my head several time on the wall and cupboard. His leg press on my tummy. When I pull his hair, kick him. He went to search for chopper/knife den put it on my face but he slash it den go against my neck. Saying ‘dont think I dont dare kill/chop you’ he stop either when I say ‘come, kill me’ or his mum come in to stop the fight. Den I took martell bottle and wanted to throw on him, eventually ii put it down back. Lucky I am not stupid

When about to change clothes, his mum told me, ‘you think being with him is easy ? you are the 3rd one being treated like this.’ meaning ? I am not the only one being beaten up this way or ? So ii make up my mind to lodge a report to save another victim ! I did told him that when someone told him I make report against him, he msg me nicely siaaa ~~ beforehand he msg me and ii replied, but both did not respond in a good way.

Like ii say, after the report he started texting me nicely, till Sat morning 19.11.2016, his mum called and told me that he want me to move my things back now or he will throw away. I told her I already inform Joel and he agree that I can come and move my stuffs in the evening. She say no he doesnt want it, ended up the angry moment come. guess what ? His mum help to move my things back to my hse !!! which make me feel bad ~~ so ii make up my mind, since he wanna make things difficult, wanting me to choose between work and moving my stuffs. Here I am going to expose him for being two faced, as always ii guess.

Ohyah, you say you wanna make a report against me too ? Go ahead ! I am doing it for self defense (: you wanna act with me good but behind do/say lj things. Asking me ii got ask ppl go find you pro say you waiting at home. you YP AH ? grow up pls !


being with you is like a prisoner, cant use phone even cant contact friends that we know, ask me dont so close with your frens but can talk. Go out keep ask this ask that, got anyhow got cheat anot. Dont know what is in your head

If you cant handle the way how someone speak, walk away or STFU ! throw guy face ! xia suay !


Facebook by Patricia Wan

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