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Singapore Man Punch A Kid In Public, Toa Payoh

1A couple of individuals from the Stomp Team saw a young man getting shouted at and punched by a man, probably his dad, at Toa Payoh North, Block 203 this evening (Apr 1).


They had been at the square inverse Singapore Press Holdings at around 4.15pm, when they were diverted by some yelling and wailing.

A video taped by one of the Stomp columnists demonstrates the group of three strolling by as the father yelled at his child, apparently over something school-related.

At a certain point, the man can be seen throwing a right hook at the crying kid’s arm, as the last put his hands up in a cautious position to piece any further blows.

The man additionally raised both his clench hands at the kid, who attempted to step back.


The tumult drew gazes from numerous spectators at the piece.

The family then took the lift to the twelfth story and the writer who had recorded the video tailed them up following a couple of minutes.

The kid was seen remaining along the passage while as yet being shouted at. He entered the level after for a little while, however the yelling from his dad proceeded and vulgarities could be listened.

At the point when the Stomp columnist, who did not set out intercede, left the scene at around 4.35pm, the hollering still had not halted.

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