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Singapore Man Steal $300,000 From His OWN STORE

np_20160325_zycheat25_1210127Recently, Azahar, 41, conceded to deceptively abusing more than $300,000 from the day by day deals continues and stock over a four-month period from his Cheers store in Choa Chu Kang.


The court was informed that he went into an establishment concurrence with Cheers Holdings in May 2012, which authorized him to involve and work the store for a long time.

At the point when the store was given to him, it was loaded with stock of a cost estimation of $100,000.

He needed to keep up a “total assets” of $100,000 with Cheers Holdings and he paid $20,000 as a “total assets store” toward the begin of the understanding.

A portion of his 49 for every penny offer of the month to month benefit would go towards keeping up the total assets until it came to $100,000, after which he would get his whole share of the month to month benefit.


At the point when a stocktake was done at his store in November 2012, there was a deficiency of $8,000 in stock and the sum was deducted from his month to month benefit, he guaranteed.

For the following seven months, Azahar said, he didn’t have any pay and was compelled to take legitimate and illicit credits, which snowballed to $100,000.

Not able to reimburse the credits, he depended on abusing the store’s stock around June 2014.

Agent Public Prosecutor Suhas Malhotra said that when clients purchased things at the store, Azahar did not record the deal in the money enlist and kept the cash.

From September that year, Azahar did not hand over all business continues to Cheers Holdings.


Telephone CARDS

At the point when Cheers Holdings directed a nitty gritty check of Azahar’s store on Oct 8, 2014, it found that he had misused just about $150,000 in telephone cards, $5,000 in URA stopping coupons and CashCards and more than $70,000 worth of cigarettes from June to Oct 2, 2014.

Between Sept 11 and Oct 1, 2014, Azahar additionally abused near $117,000 in day by day deals continues and around $13,000 in incidental stock.

Generally $40,000 of Azahar’s month to month benefits were withheld by Cheers Holdings.

Yesterday, Azahar’s legal counselor, Mr Gino Hardial Singh, approached the court for an expansion in the request for his customer to make compensation.

Azahar’s next court appearance is on May 10.

For criminal break of trust, he can be imprisoned up to seven years or fined or both.

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