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Singaporean complain to China Embassy. About PRC Behaviour

20121128_114313A Singaporean has written a complain to the China Embassy. Look at the following.

“Dear Ambassador,
I am writing you on my personal accord  to voice my absolute disgust that seemingly more and more PRC citizens, who are here in Singapore  either working or studying, are not showing respect for their host country and her  citizens – despite having lots of giveaways from us.
Regardless of what they are doing, they are really living off Singapore and Singaporeans’ hospitality, and showing utter disregard for the rule of law and human life for that matter. What I am about to say is really my personal opinion. However, I suspect this may also be the sentiments of majority of Singaporeans.
I believe you must be well aware of the recent spate of most unfortunate, and in most cases, uncalled for incidences which have been caused by your country’s dear citizens here in Singapore, from students having free education on full Singapore government scholarship (our people’s money), when even we Singaporeans have to pay for local education; to the recent taxi-hijack at the Budget Terminal, again by one of your people, resulting in the death of an innocent person, who’s from neighboring Malaysia.
It is very ironic that although China-Singapore relationship  has been warm and goes back a long way, the relationship and understanding of your citizens here in Singapore seems to go backwards. It is even more sad when your good country, China, has been making huge waves of economic progress and now has achieved international standing, but there seem to be  more bad-eggs making headlines than the good.
Sir, I believe you will agree that the attitudes of some of your countrymen is an embarrassment, for a country which is so deep and steep in culture and history, and totally out of line for a country like China with its present status.
I understand fully that it is beyond your control the doings of certain individuals, let alone your responsibility. But I certainly hope very much that, with your authority, you may somehow be able to convey fully the message to your fellow countrymen, and remind them, especially those who are guests in other countries, to show due respect to their host and gratitude for the hands that feed them, and which allow them opportunities to grow and nurture, whether for work or for studies.
From my personal observation and encounter, it appears to me that the younger generations of PRC citizens, although materialistically well-off, are lacking in values. Again, sir, I may be myopic.
I wish to qualify myself by saying that I personally know of people, and have good friends, in China, who are really great examples to me – in life, marriage, work and ethics. I do not deny that I am utterly flabbergasted by the actions of some of your people here, but I am level-headed to also believe that majority of Chinese citizens themselves do not condone such actions either.
For the cleaner who died innocently, it’s a young life being snuffed out way ahead of its time. The culprit has not only murdered a life, but has taken away the livelihood of an entire family. He has successfully widowed a woman only in her early 30’s. He has successfully made fatherless 4 young children, one of whom will NEVER see his father’s face alive in his lifetime. He has successfully destroyed a family. He has no considerations nor remorse, based on his actions. Although it may not be a requirement, since it’s not the embassy’s responsibility, I sincerely hope that your office will show compassion to the family of the victims at the very least, for the harm caused by one of your citizens.
For Sun Xu and the others who called we Singaporeans horrible names despite receiving years of kindness from us, they are 忘恩复议. They do not know how to, or what is, 饮水思原.
I will have the fortune of visiting China next month, to see for myself a bit of what China is really like. I believe I will not be disappointed. In fact, I am full of anticipation for my first ever trip to mainland China, because I know I will meet many good people, friends, and learn much from the trip to your good country China.
Again, I am writing this on my own accord, voicing personal thoughts. Instead of shouting out loud and retaliating abusively online, I have chosen to write to you. Maybe this will do some good?
I hope I have not inadvertently written anything that may be deemed inappropriate, as I have never written to any political office bearers before, let alone to another country’s representative. If I have, in anyway, by this writing, shown any disrespect to you, please do accept my sincere apology. For that is not meant to be.
Thank you for taking time to attend to and read my email, and for whatever good actions you may take.”
A Singaporean,
Source: transitioning website
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