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Reply to “Malaysian girls of better calibre than local girls.”


Since this is an anonymous post, I can be completely honest here. As a local Sg girl, with around 30% of my friends being MY, there are some points which I wish to express my point of view, in regards to yours. 😊

1) MY girls are more hardworking than locals?

Yes, I think generally and if you compare by mass, most MY girls more hardworking than most SG girls. You know why? Because most of them, their lives here SG here are very simple. They usually after work then go home already. Most of them have lesser friends than local girls(since it’s our home, we generally have more friends). And they are very thrifty. Their main purpose in SG is to earn more money, so they choose to work more O.T, earn more money, spend less money by going straight home, especially when they have fewer friends.

SG girls on the contrary are a bundle of energy after work as they meet up friends for dinners, ktvs, pubbing/clubbing, mahjiong, rollerblade/badminton, east coast park etc. It doesn’t mean SG girls are not hardworking, they work like a maniac during office hours so that they can off work punctually to achieve their work-life balance because they care about the quality of life. On the other hand, local girls in the self-employed sector like property and insurance are usually very hardworking because the more time/hardwork you put in, the more you earn – as compared to normal salaried jobs which doesn’t pay/doesn’t pay much more when you O.T. In short, SG girls don’t blindly be hardworking – but they will – if the rewards are good. They are smart.


While you mentioned MY girls are more willing to help their colleagues, I have to say MY girls are generally, really nicer than most Sg girls because they are warm-hearted and helpful, even to strangers. Culture maybe. Sg girls are more aloof(colder), cynical if they don’t know you well. But, once you are close with SG girls, they will definitely help you. The SG girls you know most probably are not close to you. I probably know why~

2) SG girls are more snobbish than MY girls?

Like I mentioned, MY girls easier to talk to than SG girls. As for snobbish girls, I hardly met or know any except those in boutiques. To be very honest though, Sg girls are less easily impressed than MY girls. So if a guy is trying to flaunt his income/background/education etc or being judgy(like you), a SG girl will TURN snobbish because they couldn’t care less. On the contrary, the MY girl may really be impressed with your flaunting or if not, they will be nice enough not to show you attitude by smiling politely. But not SG girls, they will clearly show you that they are not impressed(or ask you to f off). That’s why SOME local men bear a deep bitterness/hatred towards SG girls because they want them, but just couldn’t get them. Then, they will start saying SG girls are materialistic.

3) MY girls are better-looking than SG girls?

I feel quite the same. Tall/short, pretty/ugly, fat/slim, not much difference. But I think MY girls generally wear less makeup and wear much simpler/conservative/less fashionable. Different styles I guess. Perhaps in office or at work, they will look on par. But once go out, when SG girls doll up, I think (generally)they will attract more attention than MY girls who dress really simple with minimal makeup(not that they are not pretty). That being said, if MY girls put more effort into dolling up, I think they will be equally attractive.


The MY girls you know are probably not from KL(city) so of coz you can’t compare the mass of MY non-city girls with SG city girls. I know a MY KL city girl who dumped a local guy friend of mine, saying he’s not worthy of her because she’s very rich at home. Just saying. Cultures and environments are different. Of course we will be different but we both have our pros and cons.

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