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When i first got together with this girl, from the start I knew she was driven by money and not just that, she was money-hungry…


But there’s a kind and nice side to this girl, she was with me through some hard times, and through my job transitions, she was always by my side.

the first year of our relationship, we were blissful and definitely very happy together. When my company closed down and i wasn’t stable financially during my career, she was there with me through the tough times and gave me direction. When i was lost in my career transition, she coincidentally got lost as well, lost in her greed for a wealthy Chinese guy.

thereafter, because i loved her, i wanted to change her mindset that love can exist on a higher level than money. I also wanted what i thought was better for this individual; in the long run. In hope that we both could be better individuals in the relationship, for our (back then) future.

After a month and a ½, i found out that she was pregnant- I obviously got a shock; because we have been trying for a year plus fruitlessly. Until she got to know this guy, she suddenly got pregnant. Isn’t this too much of a coincidence?


After some time, most recently (while we were still together), she got to know ANOTHER wealthy prospect- which is a Singaporean guy.

Her excuse was that she was just doing customer relations building with this guy, having meals with him in hopes for more flowers. Actually, they had verbally discussed and agreed that she would have to sleep with him as part of the contract or package.

It was only after i caught her again, then she admitted and told me yes it is true. SO i questioned if she really did love me? In response to that, she said yes and to give her 2 years of time to cheat and sleep her way to wealth, then she will stabilise and maybe willing to settle down…

While she was pregnant, she still actively engaged in s-x activities with this Singapore guy. Although the unfortunate eventuality is abortion, who in the right state of mind will be able to swallow and accept this?

This went on for 6-12 months, during the course of our last days of what was left of our relationship, and more often than not, this guy was the cause of many arguments and friction.


When i discovered you were carrying someone else’s baby, and when you told me it wasn’t mine, back then because i still believed in the good in you; or could it be in disbelief, i could not bring myself to accept this ugly truth that whilst being with me, you’re carrying someone else child while i was learning how to be a good father to your 7 years old child.

Some people possibly will think i’m naive and silly to have given her so many chances, but to me; i believe when i love someone, i love without boundaries and i love unconditionally. What i’m willing to give for love, i’m willing to accept.

I’m grateful for your existence and even more thankful for your presence in my life back then. You treated me really well and helped me through many tough times, i am really really grateful.

I also gave you more than I thought i was capable of, because you seemed worth it. But what a surprising shock you returned to me instead, after telling me you were carrying a baby that wasn’t mine.

My world collapsed, knowing that whilst being with me, you were carrying someone else’s baby. After being together a year plus and trying to have a family to call our own, you decided to cheat on me, for the first time.

Even when she did not know who was the father of the child (she claims). i gave her the option of having a good future for the child, all this because i believe the life inside of her did not have to bear the consequence for the actions of the adults…

but instead, she opted for abortion; with reasoning that I can’t afforded to have it and also your manager has already introduced you to this Singaporean guy and that he understood you on a level that i did not.

Even when you judge and criticise other people, he will encourage and indulge you, without reservations and that could be what you wanted.

But on hindsight, me wanting you to become a better person, was only hindering your “growth” and “maturity”. You also said that he could shower you with lots and tonnes of money, whereas I could not. Please wake up, he’s just feeding you, putting an amount, a price tag to you as a person.

if you really love this old fella, you wouldn’t have slept with that Korean guy, who coincidentally happens to be your boss’ friend.


i’m no saint, but you have instigated and triggered the worst part of me that even I have not seen before- and you go around bragging to your friends about the beast you have trained. Have you ever stopped for a moment, to realize who’s the cause behind all of this?

Last but not least I will put an end to this story.

Source: Facebook

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