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what’s your worst tekan story in NS?


Mine was being given 5mins to run to bunk, change into FBO, and come down after having done our morning workout. And then changing parade for several times cos no one could reasonably meet that time limit.

Netizens’ comments

  • Standby bunk in parade square, had to bring cupboards and bed down and place exactly like your bunk layout.
    Encik even played the part of opening the “bunk door” to enter the bunk.
  • Knuckle push up on an asphalt road in the mid day sun, the instructor got a boat load of complaints afterwards
  • hearsay someone jumped from height onto a tonner canopy during change parade to meet the timing, which then caused change parade to be banned
  • Due to the officer believing the misinformation that wet clothes hung indoors cause pneumonia, we were told to standby universe in an unreasonable amount of time. When we inevitably failed to make the timing, he ordered that we brought our CABINETS downstairs to the parade square. Of course this was impossible, so he changed the orders and told us to drag our cabinets to the corridor.
    In an effort to move quickly, one of the cabinets tilted over, and the hook left a cut in one of the recruits’ head. He bled profusely but was otherwise fine.
    This was in BMT in 2006, and our coy line was right at the end of school 2. So no one saw us, except maybe the one other coy line across from us. All this started because one recruit contracted pneumonia.
    The officer sign don’t know how many extra and was duty officer for the remaining time we had there.
    Tbh I’ve had more siong tekan in officer school, but this memory really sticks out.
  • Our entire company had to do 50 x 10 sets of pushups because we failed to sing out loud during a route march that was being led by our red beret wing commander.
    Btw, for the first 5 sets, we were in our SBOs. The last 5 sets, my arms were literally shaking uncontrollably.
    FYI, it was OCS, so nobody gave a crap about the maximum cap of punitive pushups written in the SAF SOP.
  • We were marching to our bunks after lunch, for some reason this fella walking past wanna tekan us: Push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks, basically a full intense workout for 10 min.
    Most of us threw up on the spot LOL not the worst but wildly uncomfortable
  • 16 guys took MC after BMT outfield, Platoon SGT got pissed and started SBA right after book in. Found every single speck of dust they could plausibly find and forced us to do 200+ pushups, crunches, buddha claps EACH. The guys who took MC? They got nothing.
    This wasn’t even pre-2010, this was late 2020. When Covid fears were high. Yeah, lets fuck everyone else to scare the ‘sick’ guys back, that’ll definitely not potentially get a C+ case to report to duty.
    Sgt HS, you were quite out of line that day.
  • Not mine but a certain OC of the infamous Ninja company lost his temper when he found out at a field exercise that the recruits did not cover up the communal shit hole as they were getting ready to leave the site.
    He made the recruits dig the shit up and then did a whole bunch of rolling maneuvers all over it. Dude got down ranked and sent to my unit before I ORD. He seemed chill though.
  • FBO High Kneel with assorted arms over head for 1 hour. I lost count of how many times I changed legs. Meanwhile my CSM that made us to this was eating maggee in training shed
  • 2 incidents came to mind:
    This one happened during BMT. I didn’t feel it was that bad but it was feedback to me by one of the 3sg afterwards that it was one of the worst tekan they have ever administered.
    It happened during one of the outfield activities, and the task was to build up our tents in neat rows, I was the IC for that phase. When we were done and being inspected, we were told to remove everything, and set up everything again in a different area within a certain time (can’t remember the duration).
    Not only did we meet the timing, our tents were so straight that the PS was stunned and had nothing to say. They clearly didn’t expect us recruits to be able to do it.
    The second happened during the professional phase of Combat Engineer OCS. We were in our civilian, marched to the front gate, then told that 7 minutes have started (for the non CE guys, it means to be in the parade square in FBO with items laid out), so of course we have to run back and do the change parade and kena other punishments for not meeting the timing.
    In hindsight, it’s not the most physically taxing activity, but one of the most sian and unexpected one.
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