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A netizen shared how he had patronised a western food stall along Hougang and ordered a plate of fried chicken and fries for $10.50, but the staff allegedly refused to give him utensils for the meal.


He said that the food was freshly fried and was very hot, and that the staff wanted him to use his hands to eat it instead.

The netizen added that customers who buy a plate of fried rice for $6.50 were given utensils, but his $10.50 meal of fried chicken and fries doesn’t entitle him to the utensils.

The staff allegedly told him that they had customers throwing their utensils away in the past, and are worried about customers doing it again.

He offered to help them wash their utensils for them but they still refused to provide utensils to him, asking him to call their manager instead for “special consideration”.


Here is what the netizen said

To those who wish to eat finger food, please take note of this stall because according to the staff, they cannot allow customers to use utensils if you ONLY purchase fries and chicken wings. Even if the food is freshly fried and hot.

This cost $10.50 but they cannot lend their customer their utensils to eat if they wish to but a customer consuming a $6.50 fried rice is entitled to that. I used to patronise them regularly but this is the first time I have experienced this.

Their logic given by the staff is that they provide paper towels (which sticks to the food) so customers don’t need utensils or they could use their hands. They mentioned in the past when they use PAPER plates that customer thrown their utensils away. But now even when they manage to switch to ceramic plate, they are somehow still worried about that.

I offered to wash their utensils for them and assured them I won’t be so stupid to throw it away but they still refused and pointed to me to call their manager’s number beside their stall to REQUEST for special consideration. Amazing service requiring their customer to make special requests to use utensils which they have available for western food.

The manager told me they have been operating 40 years without giving utensils to their customers for those who only purchase fries and wings (which clearly wasn’t the case in the past). Then proceeded to offer me plastic fork. After telling her how ridiculous it is for me to have to go through such extent to get utensils, she said she will look into it with the owner and that my case is rare as they seldom get complaints. Seeing their google reviews, I conclude they do not read it or bother with how customers feel.


All prata stores I have been to, allow customers the option to use utensils (prata is traditionally eaten using hands) but not this western food store, what a special place and experience. I would have been more understanding should they not have the utensils I need but that wasn’t the case.

They used to be very generous but since the new staff took over they changed their style. I can understand cutting costs but this? I don’t.

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