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Thai Disco Mistress Curse Unborn Baby To Die


non Finance, non loan, non property, non banking, non credit card

she worked at V6 before. and other sg clubs. but the latest one she works JB’s WYNN CLUB.

hum ji bird don’t dare to reply my messages after knowing she sent msgs to the wrong line id. LOL. As she said herself “do what you want, i’m strong. are you ok? 5555+”.. so yeap, up to me to continue exposing you. THIS, is not the end. Be prepared to see your face appearing over the internet. (: I’ve kept my cool over tolerating shit like you, and the shits that you do. But shitty slut like you deserve to be exposed. Don’t underestimate me too bitch. 😉

People need to know what this kinda SIAM BU that work in this line is really doing. Their culture and mindset is really fucked up. First, most of them have husband/bf in thailand, THEN they go fuck around for the sake of flowers. AFTER THAT, break up with their husbands thinking they found a RICHER man / kena dumped after their partners found out. BUT, they cannot forget their thai husbands usually. SO, they continue harassing, some with babies even use their babies that they GAVE UP FULL CUSTODY as an excuse to continuously pester their now remarried husbands.


THIS particular bitch is one of these kinda low life pricks. Go JB work, act pitiful say nobody loves her, say ex hub abandoned her for new gf (when the truth is she fuck around with customers), say has a son (that she does not take care or support) that she really loves, bribe men’s hearts for flowers then buy all the luxury items for herself. When ask her for money to take care her son, always say no money but go back thai spend money like tap water.


this is one screenshot of her cursing my baby die in my womb when i was pregnant few months back.

i asked my thai friends to translate for me.
basically she was cursing me say i have no brain, i’m stupid dunno the truth about everything. then say my baby have a mother like me, the baby will eat his own brain and die inside my womb etc..as i was pregnant back then, most of them don’t even want to translate for me because they say her cursing was so bad that they scared will affect my baby.

these are her posting on her Instagram with my husband’s photo


this is her harassing my husband, saying she has no money to give him but their son and her love.


and this is her calling my husband “hubby” and sending him her selfies on a daily basis.


about her giving the SOLE custody of their son to my husband. this is the proof. this is part of their divorce papers that i translated and stamped by thai embassy.


when she’s working in JB, she always act pitiful to the male customers, saying she got dumped by her ex hub bcuz of me. But my hub told me she always go out with male customers after work and some times only return home after 10am when she went off with the male customer since 3am after work, claiming go for breakfast.
she always harass my husband, take their past photos and send him msgs telling him she loves him, miss him, love their baby and wants to be back together. when on fb, she acts all innocent, say she’s sad and single, asking people to go club find her drinking. then text my husband how much flowers she gets every night

i send u photos of her working in sg and taken at the club so sg men know women like her also works in sg.

Submitted by Von Zhuo.