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Monday, November 29, 2021

The General Paper Study Guide for reference by past student!

Must Read

I took general paper and while preparing for it I was just reading collections of articles dated up to 5 – 10 years back. So now as someone who’s “wiser”, here’s my recommendation:

Just do the current affairs question.

Current affairs is alive today. It’s never a better time to read about it with Trump and the fake news and the awakening of the public. So what are the broad topics in current affairs?

  • Arts & Culture (film, music, tv, netflix)
  • The Economy (income inequality, globalisation, consumerism)
  • Nationalism (immigration, conscription, laws)
  • Healthcare (Insurance, Subsidies)
  • Housing (affordability)
  • Media (biases), New Media (narcissism, censorship)
  • The Environment (Paris accords, coal, renewable energy, waste in oceans, recycling)
  • Business (Profits, ethics)
  • Science & Technology (cancer research, string theory, colonisation)
  • Foreign affairs (wars, olympics, UN, diplomatic relationships)

If you’re adventurous – Law (criminal justice, law enforcement) If you look at the past 3 years papers, there are at least a few current affairs questions:


  • Can the use of animals for scientific research ever be justified?
  • To what extent are people judged more by their physical appearances than by their abilities?
  • Assess the view that attempts to control climate change can never be truly effective.


  • Considering the money involved, should developing countries be allowed to host major sporting events?
  • ‘Human need, rather than profit, should always be the main concern of scientific research.’ Discuss.
  • Evaluate the claim that equality of opportunity for females is a desirable, but unrealistic, goal.
  • Assess the view that most natural disasters are the result of human activity.


  • How far is it possible for one country to forgive another for its past actions?
  • How effectively is public health promoted and managed in your country?
  • Should there be any controls over the production of energy when the need for it is so great?

Granted, some questions were in the past when current affairs is still not as lively but hey, we are spotting this year’s questions right?

happy reading!

source: reddit

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