The justice system around the world protects the rich. The poor typically can get ready to go jail straight once he or she steps into the court. A prime example would be whether one would have the capability to hire a lawyer, which typically starts off from a consultation fee and a breakdown of how “difficult” your case is.

If you have no money and defend independently it’s like fighting a war without soldiers.

A prime example would be the son of Red Bull who hit and run and is still free even after 4 years of the incident! – Thailand, Bangkok

Another example here in metro Detriot is about a mayor’s son who was caught delivering drugs(a large amount) getting probation.A poor person who have gotten 20+ years! – US, DETRIOT

Throughout history, many people were able to defect and turn the law to their favour not only with just money but also connections.So, You better pray you made friends that can help you.

What if I do not have any money to hire a lawyer?

There are a few countries in the world that provide “free lawyers” but this is normally community lawyers or government appointed to be of public service. But don’t expect a top-notch lawyer to handle your potentially complicated cases. Then again there is this saying “If you pay peanuts, you get monkey”.

What do you guys think? By judging the recent cases around you or around the world. Do you think that the justice system around the world is flawed?



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