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Friday, September 30, 2022

This Singapore Driver Go Malaysia. Make Singaporeans lose face.

Do not drive if you dont know how to drive! Dont make us Singaporean’s lose face every time
I do not want to make big trouble by writing this but i cant stand people like that!15622500_1523656174330086_8010590352012621903_n


The story is like this
I wanted to exit JB Aeon jusco tebrau when a Singapore car appeared(The photo)
The Singaopre car suddenly REVERSE! . . ️! ️

I do not know if he is deaf or what? I Honk many times over and over again until he ram into me.
A couple get off, He asked to call insurance. He finally said to me “heres Rm50” 😑😑😑😑 less than $20 Singapore dollars ~! Told me to repair with $20 and still arrogantly said “oh giving you $20 dollars im gonna bankrupt.”
Then what about me the damages cannot be repaired with 50rm.

Then I wake up and thought to myself i should not let him off so easily as i have yet to take down his phone number and details! I had to chase him around in the carpark before he gave me his details. The couple pretended to be deaf and ignore me!!! ️ The public saw that the couple was deliberately ignoring and pretending to be deaf!

Just nice there was a traffic jam! I’ll go down with him to take the number! He is unwilling to give details and insist on calling insurance. I dont have your contact insurance what? You fking moron. Guess what he replied? “I never bring my phone”. I asked for the wifes number instead. Im speaking to him nicely.😡😡😡😡 Are they thinking that im a three year old child? Even Three years old child has a phone now/


He told me to call the police and want to say that im the one that ram into his car!!! 🚗😡! ️! ️! ️! ️! ️! ️! ️😡😡😡😡
You completely angered me! If you know the owner of the license plate. Please tell me I want to let him find a garage that is able to fix the repairs with the Rm50 😡! ️! ️! ️! ️! ️! ️! ️
Singapore people we welcome you to come here, but please also use your head with a good attitude and polite way to deal with things! Do wrong do admit! 😡 an apology are not there rogue others! ️ cannot drive then stay at home 😡😡😡😡😡😡
😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 ** trouble everyone who know the owners or owner of the number of pm please thank 😫

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