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Top 5 Rules For Trading/Investing – Stock? Forex? PM? Property?


“I heard from Ali, he play stock earn 50,000k last month lei”

Rule 1.

Never hear or believe what others are telling you? 99% people fail from doing things like this. If “others” knew so much about it they probably keep it to themselves. I always laugh at people that pay tens of thousands of dollars to seminars. If the guy is a trading expert, why would he need to collect so much money for his seminars. Probably this is his main source of income.


Rule 2.

Do not invest if you barely have enough for end’s meet. Some people look for a quick buck. Thinking they can get more money. Always remember the priority is your current state where you will need money for tomorrow’s meals or rent. Investment is to earn money but doing so without a backup amount of cash might you poorer than before.

Rule 3.

“If you dont know dont invest”. Well my family do investment for a living, my dad always tells me 99.9 percent of traders fail, because they do not have the foresight or knowledge of how the market works. Then he start saying deep stuff i dont understand. ¬†You might think that you know, but how many successful investors analyse for years and failed before becoming rich.

Rule 4.

Do not be greedy. If you had started having positive income on your lot and feel that you should wait abit long “MAYBE IT WILL GROW MORE, LETS WAIT BEFORE I SELL”. The fact that the word “maybe” appeared in your mind means you do not know whats going to happen . Therefore this is taking a huge risk!! Greed kills

Rule 5

There is a fine line between gambling and investing. The difference is knowledge, most wannabe investors(quite common in Singapore) claims or say they have made thousands of dollars on this and that. Trust me beginners luck is real here. Most so called investors gamble instead of doing proper analysis of the PM,Forex,stock he/her is trading.



In case you’re not certain whether you ought to save or do some investments, the answer is presumably both. Everything relies on upon your objectives and your monetary circumstance. This aide covers the nuts and bolts to help you arrange out your funds for fleeting reserve funds and long haul speculation.

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