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Monday, May 29, 2023


Sometimes I really feel that I cannot stay long for my current job.


I think the main thing is how to handle the stress that I get from the parents. I don’t like to teach students from prestigious schools (RI, RGS, HCI etc) because their parents are usually very tedious and demanding.

I have been complaining too much recently about my work and I feel that running doesn’t help much now. Maybe i should increase the intensity of my workout now. At least i wont think about those demanding parents when my legs are so painful.

I observed that the parents are harder to handle when their sons/daughters are from good schools. Some parents are so twisted to the extent that she complained to me how come her son only gets twenty-seven over thirty and she only expected him to lose one or two marks.

Pushy Parents

Seriously, he got A1 already, what’s wrong with this mother?! I am not sure if she wants to make a complaint or she just wants to low-key show off to me (just that in an annoying and twisted manner).


I don’t know what this kind of parent is thinking, but I’m quite awared that they know each other and have a tendency to compare their children’s grade. My colleague told me that this is part of the job and she has seen worst parents before who also complained about their children cannot score high A1. The father almost wanted to scold her in front of the counter. At the end, the center has no choice but passed it to the boss. May i won’t meet this kind of parents, but probably very high chance.

I guess I’m doing my work okay as the students’ grades are ok. However, i feel quite upset that i am unable to handle the parents well and skillfully. Probably it’s because I’m not a mother and I cannot put myself inside their shoes. Then, sometimes I really don’t want to lie about the kid’s behaviour. If i am not going to lie, then i can only feedback the negative things to the mom already. By using common sense, which mother will like to hear from teacher that their children have very poor learning skills and bad behaviours such as copying answer.

I understand that they have kids for the first time, so they are very obsessed with everything about the kids. However, some mothers are so obsessed to the extent that their children are just in secondary 1, then already asked me when will I teach them A math and will they learn it in secondary 2? This kind of questions really makes me speechless. I’m very very tired with handling parents now.

Honestly, i prefer to teach students from normal neighborhood schools as their parents are more cooperative. They are more receptive to feedback from tuition teachers. I don’t know why parents with kids from prestigious school doubt the teachers more.

This makes it hard to teach the children. Not only so, whenever they emphasize that my child is from RGS or other good schools to the teacher/admin, I feel that it’s not very good for the child development. It makes the child feel that he /she is a very special person amongst the whole class, and this makes it hard when I want to pinpoint their mistake in class. I am not sure if I’m the only one who faces this kind of problem. I just feel very tired and sick of this.


Sometimes I really feel that maybe I’m not suitable for this job. I have parents from another extreme end who is equally tedious. I have this NA student, his mom once said to us that if he really cannot study then next time he can follow his dad to sell fish in wet market. Haiz.


Parents are very tedious to talk to. I’m very allergic to this kind of human. Dont go near me, dont talk to me. I rather see cockroaches than seeing this kind of human. I feel very stressful and i have problems handling this kind of stress now. Luckily, my parents never put me inside tuition class before.

Maybe i won’t stay long in this job. Sometimes I couldn’t fall asleep at night for a few hours as i kept thinking how should i handle the parents. Even if i think the students are very lazy, not motivated or not serious about the work, I also cannot talk until so direct to the parents. Need to phrase it in a better way.

I wish i can have less stress on this. May i feel more relax and happy. May i have a good mental health? I couldn’t sleep properly for the past few days and have been relying on caffeine.

Why i still cannot get used to handling all these different types of parents? I really feel like vomiting blood sometimes.

I still have a lot to learn on handling parents. I wonder how those senior teachers can endure all these.

I don’t know whether i can continue with this job or not. I feel very tired actually. Im very very tired and i want to take a break.”

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