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Friday, December 2, 2022


Ladies, does it matter if your partner is unambitious and doesn’t have goals career-wise?


Since young, I always liked a simple life and doesn’t like to work too hard. I am currently earning about the median salary in sg.

As I don’t have any desire to move up the career ladder, I can predict how much I can earn maximum in the next 20-30 years. It’ll be enough to lead a simple life but defo not enough to get the finer things in life like condo, cars, exotic holidays, nice clothes, nice Renos etc. As for settling down, I believe my salary is enough for a 3-4 room bto but nothing more than that.

I’ve casually dated a few girls and most of them seem to value ambition in a partner. Unsurprisingly, I could see the disappointed looks on their faces when I told them how my future can be like. Some casual chats with my female friends also seem to confirm they prefer guys who are willing to strive and have good prospects.

I’d really love to find a girl who is willing to live a simple life too.


I know that many families did just fine with incomes lower than mine and I even read about that guy who supported 8 kids on $300 a week in the news recently.

Here are what netizens think:

  • You can be rich and live a simple life too.There is a difference between Ambitious vs. Diligent vs. Lazy.Most women prefer their men to be diligent. Many professionals out there are not very ambitious but they are certainly very rich because they love what they are doing and are very diligent to excel in the things that they do.
  • I had an ex who is like that. He stayed in his company for almost 15years. No increment. Not planning to move either. That’s lazy to me. My husband, change jobs every 2 to 3 years, no intention to climb corporate ladder, reject promotions so he can come home to our 2 toddlers and me. He is extremely simple. Not much friends ever since we have children. He just hangs out with us 24/7. This, is totally different from my ex.
  • You can make your choice, but finances will always be a big factor in any relationship. Jackie Chan was like you once, but the Great Bruce Lee scolded him in a very harsh way and the rest is history. Your low ambition will poison your career and HR can see that clearly … which will lead to nasty stuff they love to do to workers. Think about it.
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