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University Lecturer says :PowerPoint causes students to be stupid and professors boring!!


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The Conversation have written an article debating whether universities should discontinue the use of PowerPoint as it causes students to be stupid and professors boring.

This is actually true. In spite of that most universities measure success with student satisfaction surveys rather than measuring success by how much their student absorb thus disregarding this good advice.


Many students believe that it is absurd to have the expectation for student to read books, attend lessons, take summaries and do assignment and deems to be unreasonable due to the have the sense of over relying on slides.


The myth that spread among student can become capable and well-informed without working through dozens of books, hundreds of articles and thousands of problems as slides had courses designed around them.

For three main reason why PowerPoint slides are toxic to education

Firstly it put a full stop to compound thinking as it dampen thoughtful analysis of complex situations and by oversimplifying the topic into bullets points and tables.

Secondly, most student would have the conclusion that the course is just make of slides with lecturers being mark down for being not clear when they present genuine complication and vagueness. Lecturers who avoid the use of bullet points for graphical slide are marked down for not dispersing appropriate notes.

Lastly, sensible expectations are discouraged. With the usage of PowerPoint, slides are supposedly to include every necessary details for assignments, examination and projects are anticipated by the students. If a student could acquire an A by scrutinising a slide deck at home in their night-clothes, it doesn’t make sense for them to spend time reading a book or going to a class.