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Vietnam Gangsters Stab Singaporean


Untitled-36Two singaporean men wanted to have new excitement in vietnam after too much of local delight.

But suay suay they go chiong in Vietnam,Ho Chi Minh City.

The incident occur when Mr Tan and his friend accidentally bump into the gangsters. The gangster mentioned that Mr Tan did not bother to apologise. Therefore causing the 3 Vietnam guys to go mad. They walk over to Mr Tan table, one of the guys pull out a dagger and want to stab Mr Tan. The two other “王朝 and 馬漢” followed with glass and bottles.

Mr Tan’s friend wanted to stop the stabbing suay suay get stab in the head.

Following this incident the police has arrested all 3 man involved in the assault. But sibei heng Mr Tan and his friends got discharge from the hospital.