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Vietnam Girl Murder By Drug High Singapore Man


Nearby News-A 41-year-old Singaporean man who gagged out his 32-year-old Vietnamese sweetheart to death in his Ang Mo Kio level in November 2014 was on Monday (March 14) sentenced to 9 years of felon time and three strokes.


Jackson Lim Hou Peng yielded that he butchered Ms Tran Cam Ny, who went about as a KTV lounge vocalist, craftsman and performer, in the midst of a try to calm her down when she got the opportunity to be insane after she carried drugs with him at his level.

Focused on that her hollers will alert the neighbors to call the police, which would provoke them two getting into impairment for taking prescriptions, Lim secured her face and mouth with a spread to keep her from yelling.

Lim surrendered on Monday to a charge of culpable homicide without desire to realize passing and moreover a charge of eating up methamphetamine, typically known as Ice. He was given 4½ years for at issue murder and the required minimum of five years’ remedial office and three strokes of the stick for the prescription charge.

The judge admonished Lim, who has drug harbingers, not to do an inversion to quiets again after he is released from prison.


The court heard that Lim and Ms Tran were seeing somebody were hitched to different people. Lim is annoyed from his wife who lives in Vietnam, said his lawyer.

On the night of Nov 19, 2014, Ms Tran stayed over at Lim’s one-room rental level and called two of her associates to oblige them. Lim started smoking Ice and Ms Tran obliged him.

Not long after, Ms Tran started quarreling with Lim,not happy about him for spending the money that she gave him on different women. He got out the room yet she continued fighting with him. The couple exchanged leaves behind Ms Tran’s buddies, who moved her into the room.

When she continued hollering, Lim went into the room and slapped and punched her. Starting at this moment, her partners left the level.

Nevertheless, Ms Tran would not stop hollering even after Lim hit her more than once so he crushed a spread over her mouth and face with both hands.


After he comprehended that she was still, he called his father and a partner for help before calling the emergency hotline.

While sitting tight for basic protection officers to arrive, he performed cardio-aspiratory restoration on her as prepared by the call director. Yet, his tries were unsuccessful and she was confirmed dead by paramedics at the scene.

Lim was caught by the police around the same time.

The best train for culpable murder with no plan to realize demise is 10 years’ remedial office and caning and a fine.

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