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Me and my husband had been married for 7 years. We’re both in our early 30s. I would say that we have a loving relationship. I feel really blessed and happy to have him as my husband.

Until recently I found out that he has taken the effort to mute and delete his Telegram chat with this girl who’s his colleague. When confronted he denied and made excuses about it, saying that it’s just normal chat conversation and he deleted it because he didn’t want me to think too much about it since I’m more of the jealous type.

In any case, I’ve been thinking about the reason he lied to me/ keep this girl’s conversation a secret. If there’s nothing to hide, why the need to delete the chat? He even muted it in case her chat pops up when I’m around.

I’m afraid I might be overthinking. Should I be worried about my marriage?


Here are what netizens think:

  • Some personal info she share with him doesn’t mean she has to share with you. Hence he deleted it. Knowing your pattern, he probably thought it’s the right thing to do to avoid a confrontation.
  • Definitely a red flag at the same time, he wants to keep the marriage just that not sure how far he is in this relationship with his colleague. Since you have a 7 years of great marriage and if it’s worth to keep, instead of getting mad, handle it with love and have a heart to heart adult talk to how best manage the situation. They will never admit when you confront them and your relationship can only get worst as you both will fight more often over it. So first thing first, ask yourself if he admits to having something with her, do you want to forgive him and keep the marriage? Can you then not talk about it when you both fight? You can never forget but you can only learn to let go of it and try to trust hi, again at least 90% as I think it’s hard to trust 100%. All the best.
  • My ex did the exact thing right before i found him cheating. Deleting chats and started needing “alone” time, bringing his phone everywhere even to the toilet etc
  • No. He is protecting the marriage. But the more you feel insecure, the more you will be unattractive. Why not put your effort & energy to think about other things. Wait if you keep asking & asking, you will be the one he mutes and delete the chat. Haha annoying.
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