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Facebook user Lave Seah shared how she had wrongfully made a PayNow transfer of $1,000 into her friend’s bank account that had been closed, and after more than 1 and a half years, her issue has not been resolved.


Here is what she said

Terrible incident and issue not resolved till date!!

Wrongfully paynow $1000 to my friend’s closed account on 7 Feb 2021, call bank immeditely but wasn’t able to stop the transaction as from DBS to UOB. Was informed to call the UOB to retrieve the record and stop the transaction. We even attempt to contact the phone number owner and was informed by her that she wasn’t using this service. Ended we make a trip to UOB bank to check the account and transaction.

Make a police report on 8 march 2021. After having so much trouble, hassle and chaser, we was informed that the money is hold with UOB as the paynow tag to a closed account. And finally got a cheque from UOB on 25 Oct 2021 and we had deposit to DBS bank, but the cheque was bounced due to wrong submission of name (joint account). My friend went to DBS bank at TPY as DBS mentioned they has returned the cheque, but they send to wrong address. We was assure by DBS that they will request a replacement cheque from UOB and deposit into the DBS account, but this wasn’t fulfil after 1-2months.

We make a 2nd police report on 8 april 2022 with the same case and was refer to a new IO to handle. The IO informed us that he will check with the bank on the status and update us. The waiting game started again and we had been keep chasing till we get an update that bank disclosed it as confidential. The IO mentioned that we’re able to get back the money, but need to wait for his update before we submit to MAS.


Has been calling the IO for update, but no call back has been done. Until we leave a voicemail to inform that we’re posting to media, we received 4 called and hang private miss call. End up need to call Tanglin police hq and was informed that the IO us on 2month leave and his colleague handling attempt to call but no one pick up. (Wondering if they wanna trace the call in number? Totally no call received.) In the end, we was informed that the colleague will check with the IO and get back to us.

After up and down checking and ended up the IO whose on leave came back, they informed us tat the bank are processing for the refund. Bank detail has all submitted and was inform that payment will be credit in 14working days, which it should falls on the 8th of September. And one again, we have not received the refund and the waiting game start again. Has been calling the IO for update.

Can someone update us how long we need to wait to resolve this issue? It’s been more than 1.5years!!!!


Update on a lot ppl question:


1. Yes, we’re at fault for the wrong transfer. But we call the bank immediately and was told can’t revert.

2. We filled in the correct information, just tat it’s a joint account and we wasnt aware tat we need to fill it 2 name!

3. We are asking for update, not blaming the IO!

4. It’s a paynow transfer, but the account link to the paynow number has closed few years before the transfer. But UOB didn’t refund the amount.

And, would appreciate everyone not to guess or assume. Wateva suggestion, we have already done except go to MAS. So, we will proceed to email them.

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