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Should I purposely get pregnant to chase after the family name?



Looking to seek advice over here, especially from those whom are married.

A few months ago in April, my fiance and I announced our marriage plans to all our family members at a buffet dinner gathering. Our relatives gave us our best wishes and most of them are keen to attend our wedding dinner. Our initial plan is to ROM in August and organise the main wedding in October.

Unluckily for us, my brother’s gf announced shes pregnant two months later in June. She’s already into the 8th week of pregnancy and my fiance’s parents asked us to gave up our wedding dates to them. Our ROM date and wedding date got replaced by the both of them. The both of us got a date in October for ROM instead. And our wedding? Pushed to next year.


To be honest I am still feeling very angry with his brother’s gf at this time when I am typing out this post. My mind was thinking, they dated for two years, how did it get so concidental that she got pregnant just right after we announced our wedding plans and ROM date? Is this a part of her scheme to be ahead of me to marry into this family (she did mentioned openly before that she want to *fight* with me over this namesake, to see who will be the first daughter in law of the family). Is it wrong of me to think that she purposely open up her legs to have S, to get pregnant, to win me? She’s from Vietnam by the way.

For the last 3 months I have also been harbouring this stupid idea. Should I get pregnant to marry faster? My fiance and I are not people whom like kids, so if I am pregnant, I will go for an abortion. We have no plans to procreate after marriage.

I regret I am not pregnant and I regret maintaining my virginity. To be honest my fiance is regretting maintaining his virginity too, because he got laughed at by relatives that his younger brother got married first.

Should I get pregnant to marry faster? And abort the child after that? Yes my mind isn’t thinking properly now, all of you are welcome to shoot me, but sincere advices will be greatly appreciated. So far until now my fiance and I are still preserving our bodies for our wedding night.

Here are what netizens think:

  • First and foremost, her nationality does not matter and entirely irrelevant to your problem.And seriously? Aborting the child just so that you can marry faster? And that you guys have no plans to have children and you INTEND to abort the child?Please go get a vasectomy or something and refrain from bringing innocent children into this world. My tian.¬†Goodness, how petty and spiteful can you get?0
  • Will you inherit some trust fund when you provide a first born
  • Why must push the wedding later? She’ll only be few months into pregnancy. Cannot attend wedding uh?
  • Cool down first then discuss with your bf.We do things for yourself n not to fight with other. First then first lor, you are the eldest daughter in law n it is the care n love in the family matter.If really want then go Chinese wedding asap n get the earliest ROM date. If really what you both had planned well. No rules say can’t wedding before ROM is not then both same day.Elderly believed don’t clash red n white events. So we just follow in case anything happen all fall on you.For the pregnant if you did that can’t u turn one n you will feel bad the whole of your life. Just thinking if your mum did that to you? You are just created n ended to first to win a first to be marriaged into the family.My thought they marry first doesn’t matter to me. Anything you all protect yourselves n stay away from challenging ppl.
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