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Facebook user Iphigenia Jena, shared how she bought 3 t-shirts at $40 each from a Vietnamese salesgirl at Bugis Street because they were from the same country.


She later went back to the same shop on the 3rd floor and found out from another sales girl that the same shirt that she bought was selling at 2 for $40.

Here is what she said

2nd floor of the Bugis Street . There is a Vietnamese woman who is currently an employee of the shop. 26/7 I come here to buy things.

I bought a pant for 40 dollars ( before 45 dollars ) . And bought three short sleeved t-shirts for $40 each ( previously reported at $45 per shirt ) .

I find the price expensive compared to other shops but we still buy because I think the seller is Vietnamese from the same country as me.


At first she said a $45 shirt was reduced to $40 because I’m Vietnamese, so she reduced it.

on August 21st I returned to bugis. I bought two more of the same shirt, just different style in the 3 floor ( but same shop ) and I asked how much the old one bought before.

One Chinese girl said it was only $25 for one shirt and two for $40. I bought two more shirts.

The next day (August 22) I went back and met that Vietnamese woman. I asked her why she sold me for 40 dollars a shirt . She didn’t give me the bill that day. And she only accepts cash. I bought three t-shirts for $120. When I bought things, a few people came to ask, she still said it was 45 dollars a shirt. And only sell me 40 dollars a shirt.

So when she just saw me again, she still smiled and remembers who I am and what I bought. But after I told her, she said who I bought from, not hers . What’s this ??? Then after that she also said “ You buy like few month ago then now you come back “ ?


Next, she vehemently denied that she sold me $40 a t-shirt that day. She asked me “YOU KNOW THE PRICE IS WRONG THAT DAY WHY DON’T COME BACK TO ASK ME IMMEDIATELY. YOU WAIT UNTIL TODAY THEN ASK ME “… ?????

she makes no sense of a lot of things . I don’t understand what this definition is. How do I know the price is right or wrong.

Plus, I don’t have too much free time, every day I go shopping or check if she’s selling right or wrong. I didn’t know the price until the 21st when I bought more. and return on the 22nd to find her.

I said I wanted to talk to the owner that I wanted her to check the camera for me. Then she said go check it out. but then after that she said that the owner didn’t have much free time to check for me. she kept flipping back and forth. because she is afraid. cover for fraudulent trade.

During the conversation, I always used honorifics to talk to her. she as soon as I asked she 360 ​​degrees changed the way she talked, she uses abusive and disrespectful words. During the whole conversation, I never asked her to return the money, but she kept saying harsh and sarcastic sentences.

If you buy things, please stay away from this shop or ask for the correct price. I have messaged to her boss but no answer .

Please careful everyone. Don’t be fooled like me.

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