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Thursday, June 8, 2023


As a woman, I really need to ask this.


If you’re a housewife, why is it considered “misogynistic” when your man expects you to clean and cook? Like, you’re a housewife.

Your man goes out there risking everything, worked hard to earn his paycheck all for you, but the moment he has an expectation for you to clean and cook for him, suddenly he’s the bad guy?

I mean, you have expectations for him to not be a lazy bum and do nothing. In fact, whether you expect or not, man will do what’s right anyways. If you’re not even cleaning or cooking for your man, especially if you’re a housewife, what exactly do you bring to the table at all

And you wonder why your man cheat on you


And you wonder why your relationship has never last long

And you wonder why you’re so lonely.

Here are what netizens think:

  • Instead of trying to figure out whether OP is a man or woman, can y’all answer the important question of this post unless y’all got nothing better to value add to the post. I feel that it’s not misogynistic, it’s just how y’all choose to split the household duties. We have come to a point where both genders may take up any role in the relationship besides childbirth but some people are still stuck in the traditional mindset.
  • Cleaning and cooking are non gender specific survival skills. The contributions each party brings to their relationship have to be something both agreed upon. It doesn’t really matter who is doing what, as long as the chores get done. Segregation of these things into what used to be traditional roles, but which have since been proven to be interchangeable, is what hurts the relationship.
  • Reading these comments, majority focuses on OP’s gender, and making fun of the man being a cheater, needing maid service, etc. Regardless of OP’s gender, she asked a very good and valid question, that none seem to answer. Instead, most got so triggered especially at the cheating part. While cheating is a choice that I don’t support, a housewife not being submissive to her man and do basic cleaning and cooking while expecting him to do all the work outside, is something I don’t support either.
  • If she’s absolutely not cooking or cleaning at all, then perhaps she is at fault, because yea what is she doing at home then? But if there are kids and if they are rowdy and if she is actually doing things like engaging the kids, bringing them out, cooking food for them and a bit of housework here and there then maybe she does need help with cooking and cleaning.
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