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Woman Vandalize Toilet To Make Woman With Menses Lose Face

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I am so annoyed with my associate today. She was so extremely agitated that a woman had made a wreck in the latrine at our office in Sunshine Plaza with her menses and went to compose on the mirror with a marker (see photograph).


Her name is Helen. Much more awful when she is carrying out a national wrongdoing of vandalism. By what means can a man compose on the mirror?

At the point when the protect address her, she have the cheek to state it was not her. Really, she admitted to my associates and let them know she did the composition on the mirror. I heard it in my room and stay silent. I am angry at how somebody can do a wonder such as this. She can simply tell the individual pleasantly or put a note as opposed to vandalizing the mirror to make her point listened.

This action is inadmissible and I am writing here to vent out my disappointment on my failure to talk up right then and there as I was exceptionally perplexed she will reprove me.

I had asked a woman who was utilizing the latrine to help me take a photograph of the vandalism work that she had done.


Such rude individuals ought to be restricted from Singapore

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