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In the fast-paced world of air travel, schedule changes can happen at any moment, leaving passengers in a state of flux.


A Shift in Plans

It all began with a simple email notification. A Jetstar customer was informed that their scheduled flight, originally set for 11 am, had been moved up to 7 am.

Faced with this abrupt change, the customer was presented with a choice: accept the new flight time or opt for a refund. They chose the latter option, initiating a series of events that would test their patience and trust in the airline.

The journey through the refund process started on August 14th. At that point, Jetstar assured the customer, “we will refund within a week.” However, as days turned into weeks, the customer’s optimism waned. The airline’s promise of a swift resolution morphed into “we will refund within 30 days,” and still, nothing happened.

As the weeks turned into months, the customer’s frustration grew. Jetstar’s communication further compounded their confusion.


The airline claimed to have initiated the refund to the customer’s bank account, only to later backtrack and state, “we will send you an email within 7 days.” Meanwhile, the customer’s bank, UOB, denied any knowledge of the transaction.

The Phone Calls

Determined to resolve the issue, the customer reached out to Jetstar’s customer service repeatedly. During these calls, they were informed that the refund had actually been initiated on September 26th, not in August as initially stated. The customer found themselves trapped in a maze of conflicting information.

Adding to the mystique of the situation, the customer noticed that their flight booking had disappeared from the Jetstar app. It was as if their entire journey had been erased, further deepening their bewilderment.

Frustrated and seeking answers, the Jetstar customer turned to their fellow travelers for support and information. They posed a question that many have pondered: “Has anyone successfully received a refund from Jetstar before?”

The Search for Clarity

In one final attempt to resolve the issue, the customer engaged in a chat conversation with Jetstar’s customer service. Yet, even in this digital exchange, the clarity they sought remained elusive.


Jetstar claimed that the refund was processed on August 22nd, further muddying the waters of confusion. The discrepancy between August and September left the customer questioning the airline’s credibility.

Here is what she said

Jetstar changed flight time from 11am to 7am so I was given a choice to accept or cancel and refund. A refund initiated.

Since 14 August, from “we will refund with a week”, to “we will refund within 30 days”, to “we had made a refund to your bank account” and “we will send you an email within 7 days”. This is transaction number. (UOB said no)

All didn’t happen.

I called up again today, was told you made a refund on 26 September. So pls wait 7 more days. The refund was initiated 14 Aug not sept. Cso said she will check and next thing I know, the line cut.

They even gave me a bank transaction number that UOB hasn’t got it. The booking is now gone from the app.

It just remind me of Ryanair where they reply they had refunded to bank account more than 10 times but you will never receive.

Anyone successfully got your refund from Jetstar before? Pls share… Jetstar Asia

I contacted jetstar on chat again, was told the refund was made 22 Aug, so did jetstar refund? On 22 Aug or 26 Sep? Not to Citibank but my uob account.

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