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Women, what do you find the most confusing about men?

  1. How they’re able to have so much fun with their friends all the time They make digging a hole in the beach with their friends look like the most fun thing in the world I really admire that
  2. How their crotch doesn’t hurt when they run or go up the stairs. Like, even with underwear, you just have stuff hanging down there. I don’t even have a large chest and it hurts to run regardless if I’m wearing a bra or not
  3. The obsession with being the one who is the master of the barbecue.
  4. When guys are seriously injured but act like its just a scratch… that they can somehow walk it off. All the guys I know are like this.
  5. I’m a dude, but why do we all pretty much collectively enjoy digging random holes? Especially at the beach
    Edit: just got back from the beach and yes, I did dig a hole there!
  6. When they behave as the smartest man in the world and five minutes later as the village idiot.
  7. My wife’s biggest gripe is that I will spend time hiking / drinking / driving / whatever with friends I haven’t seen in months, and when I get home I will have absolutely nothing to report back despite having talked solidly with them for six hours.
    My wife on the other hand will casually pass a friend in the street and within ten minutes knows what theyve done every day since they last spoke, the health and financial status of them and all other friends and relatives, and a forward facing calendar for the next three months.
  8. Speaking as a guy, we don’t get “hints”, they go right over my head or I’ll interpret friendly as hints. That shit is confusing.
  9. Why pooping takes so long
  10. I find it confusing how men are so forgiving. It’s one of the things I adore the most about men and find the most baffling. I’m learning now that men will get over things like 40 minutes after they happen and genuinely get frustrated and sad when their girls hold grudges.
  11. So many men I know pass off just this really chill vibe and they all seem to just be cool with each other. How tf do they do it!?!?
  12. My wife always tells me she doesn’t understand how men can think about nothing
  13. When my boyfriend is quiet for too long and I ask him what he’s thinking about, and he says simply, “nothing”, and shrugs. This happens at least twice a month.
  14. My girlfriend is blown away that I can text/call friends to hang out. That I haven’t hung with in months. And they are down!!! No questions asked. “Yeah sure I’ll be over in 20 minNo questions asked
  15. I’m a man. But something that confused my wife is when I suddenly take a deep breath for no reason. She’s like “are you ok? You sure? Anything you need to talk about? What’s going on?” And I just say “nah I’m fine, think I just forgot to breathe and catching up”.
  16. How most of your fights with friends are like, ‘punch each other and then you’re good’. Like how?!?!
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